Rats love dancing to Lady Gaga’s gayest hit, according to science

Singer Lady Gaga wearing a green dress and necklace. A rat nibbling on a biscuit.

The wonder of science has revealed that rats have impeccable taste in music, as a study has shown that they enjoy dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo captured video footage of rats bopping and moving to the beat of Lady Gaga’s gayest hit. Sadly, the video doesn’t show them putting their paws up.

According to the study, the rats also responded well to another iconic queer track, Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust”, prompting the internet to officially declare that rats are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Of course, Gaga’s Little Monsters reacted to the research with a plethora of stunning memes, taking it upon themselves to debate which of Gaga’s albums the rats might enjoy the most.

“Even rats are Born This Way stans. Album of the millennium indeed,” wrote one Gaga fan, while another insisted that they actually love Chromatica, posting a video of a rat nibbling on a Chromatica Oreo.

Several fans shared an image of Arthur‘s Mr Ratburn marrying his boyfriend Patrick as further proof that yes, rats are in fact gay.


The University of Tokyo researchers fitted the rodents with sensory equipment that detected each of their tiny movements, and discovered that when they played certain songs, they could synchronise their movements to the beat.

They particularly moved to songs that had around 120 to 140 beats per minute, which is similar to that of humans.

Prior to the study it was believed that such synchronisation was a skill that only humans could have.

“Rats’ brains are designed to respond well to music,” said associate professor Hirokazu Takahashi, who was involved in the study. “Music moves the body. It goes beyond the auditory system and affects the motor system… the power of sound is that great.”

However, it could just be the power of Lady Gaga.