Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan slammed for defending anti-LGBTQ+ Qatar: ‘It’s their culture’

A photo of TV presenter Coleen Nolan taken during The Music Industry Trust Awards 2022

TV presenter Coleen Nolan has been branded an “ignorant witch” after she defended Qatar’s anti-LGBTQ+ beliefs on Loose Women by saying: “It’s their culture”. 

During a debate about the controversial World Cup in Qatar, which has caused global backlash due to the country’s anti-gay laws, Nolan showed not an ounce of empathy. 

In answer to the question “Will you be watching the World Cup?” Nolan was quick to respond by answering “Yes”. 

But she didn’t stop there, she added: “I’m quite sad that I’m here today because it starts when we’re on air, so you might not see me in part two.

“Listen, I agree with everything you’re saying and I don’t agree with their policies but it’s their culture.

“The same way as when they come here to play football, they don’t agree with what we believe in.

“People have a right to believe in what they believe in.”

In Qatar homosexuality is illegal and being found guilty of same-sex relations can result in a lengthy prison sentence, while under Sharia law it is possible for men to face the death penalty if they are found to have engaged in same-sex intimacy.

“You’re right, if you don’t want to do it, then don’t do it, but I just hate the way that everyone thinks they’re a politician now,” she added.

“Every one of us all thinks we can do better and I just want to watch football and it doesn’t matter, they aren’t saying they don’t believe in affection they just don’t believe in showing it in public of any description.” 

Social media users have taken to Twitter to share their disgust at Nolan’s ignorance, one even branded her an “ignorant witch”.  

“Yes but being in the LGBT+ community in this country isn’t punishable by prison or death,” they wrote.

Another referenced her attack on people standing up for equal rights: “I can’t believe she said she hates the way everyone thinks they’re a politician now and they can do better, it’s called human rights.”

“It’s also their culture that women are second-class citizens. I doubt very much there’s a Qatari version of this show allowing the women there to spout the kinda drivel Nolan is able to do in the UK,” another user responded to a clip of the show. 

Nolan was previously awarded “significant” libel damages over an article published in The Mail on Sunday which claimed her role on Loose Women led to a toxic workplace environment. 

Channel 4 comedy show The Last Leg is the latest to be hit with World Cup backlash after performing a “anthem” about queer people being jailed and executed in Qatar, much to the horror of LGBTQ+ viewers.