Elon Musk blames ‘offended unhinged leftists’ for being booed on stage

A graphic showing in the foreground Elon Musk dressed in a dark suit jacket and white shirt with his hands held open and just behind him is the smaller image of comedian Dave Chapelle talking into a microphone. To the left of Musk is a screenshot of a tweet he made referring to the booing he received when he appeared at Dave Chapelle show

Elon Musk has blamed “unhinged leftists” for the booing he received onstage at a Dave Chapelle show in San Francisco.

The uber-rich owner of Twitter made a cameo appearance at the controversial comedian’s show on Sunday night and was welcomed on stage to a mixed reaction from the audience.

Footage from the night shows Chapelle invites the crowd to “make some noise for the richest man in the world”.

At first, and momentarily, cheers are heard before having to compete with a roaring “boo” that rung through the crowd.

“It sounds like some of them people you fired are in the audience,” Chapelle said to Musk, who laid off thousands of Twitter staff last month.

The crowd continued to boo while Chapelle attempted to crack jokes against it, including blaming the booing on people who “have terrible seats”.

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He eventually told the crowd to “shut the f**k up with your boos”.

Musk eventually took to Twitter, where he has recently made a habit of firing off headline-making Tweets — like making fun of pronouns while calling for immunologist Dr Anthony Fauci to be jailed (these two incidents alone happened a day apart).

In a since-deleted tweet, Musk claimed there were “90% cheers and 10% boos”, with the boos being “a first … in real life” for him.

“It’s almost as if I’ve offended SF’s [San Francisco’s] unhinged leftists … but nahhh.”

On Musk’s platform, many people tweeted joy in seeing the billionaire booed.

One person, who was seemingly at the show, said the booing was like they’ve “never heard before”.

“Not favoured on his home turf. He looked stunned, must not get enough feedback IRL [in real life]”, they continued, with the tweet gaining more than 95,000 likes.

A number of other people mentioned thinking the incident showed Musk is unaware of how some people perceive him.

One tweet opined that “if Elon Musk can waste all his money on a company he doesn’t understand and then get booed by a stadium of people for 10 minutes and still think he is doing a good job then you can believe in yourself for a bit”.

Someone else highlighted how Musk said it was the first time he’d ever been booed.

“I have a funny feeling it won’t be the last,” they said.