Elon Musk’s X accused of promoting post calling to reinstate gay death penalty

A graphic composed of a greyscale drawing of Elon Musk and the logo of X, his social media platform formally known as Twitter. Several groups and LGBTQ+ activists have warned of rising levels of hate speech on the platform

Elon Musk’s X/Twitter has been accused of promoting a post which calls to reinstate the death penalty for gay people. 

A post by premium X user John White has been advertised to the platform’s users, whom of was left asking “what the f**k is wrong with this app”. 

On 1 April, White, whose bio states he has “love for God’s word”, posted about abolished and inhumane laws that saw gay people sentenced to death. 

“England and the 13 colonies had civil death penalty on the table for gay sex among males, the most aggressive perpetrators and teachers of such rebellion. After 1789, homosexual acts were illegal in all 50 states until 1962…” 

The Buggery Act 1533, introduced under Henry the VIII, saw gay sex outlawed and punishable by death. The decriminalisation of such activity came years later in 1967 in England and Wales. 

White’s post linked to another in which he quoted a Bible verse call for the execution of gay people and deemed it “just”. 

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He wrote: “’If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.’ (Lev 20:13)” 

“God’s law is just,” he added. 

Unsuspecting X users have had the misfortune of having White’s post promoted on their feed, with one calling it out and writing: “Literally getting an ad calling for the execution of gay people. What the f**k is wrong with this app.” 

Another commented under his post: “From one Christian to another: you have a shockingly poor understanding of American history and its founders. In fact, it’s offensive and disrespectful that you speak on secular matters at all.”

White responded: “The Bible speaks to all of life. There is no divide of sacred and secular. Only obedience and disobedience.”

PinkNews has contacted X for comment. White could not be reached.

X premium is a paid subscription service which focuses on features such as a verification badge and monetisation eligibility. Data released in August 2023 found that the number of followers subscribing to the service, formerly called Twitter Blue, is surprisingly low, with only around 453,000 users (about 0.3 per cent of total users) having done so. 

Musk – a self-proclaimed free-speech advocate – previously told advertisers who were hesitant to spend their money on the platform that they can go f**k themselves.

The billionaire has been no stranger to contention over his rebranding decisions since he brought Twitter in October 2022. Since his takeover Musk has reinstated previously banned figures on the platform, rolled back protections for trans people, and labelled the word “cis” a heterosexual slur.