George Santos tried and failed to read Drag Race star Trixie Mattel in hilarious Twitter spat

A split-screen image showing drag queen Trixie Mattel wearing a white outfit with pink paint splatter-pattern on it and Republican congressman George Santos wearing a brown suit jacket over a black top

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Trixie Mattel has been locked in a chaotic Twitter exchange with Republican congressman George Santos after he complained about celebrity impersonators making fun of his drag queen past.

The gay Republican recently made headlines after 2008 photos emerged of him in a drag costume under the moniker Kitara Ravache.

The New York Republican, who has regularly advocated for anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, has since denied the “outrageous claims” that he was once a drag queen.

In a Twitter post doubling down on the accusations, Santos wrote: “I was young and I had fun at a festival. Sue me for having a life.”

Despite trying to bury the story, he wasn’t able to get away too easily, with late-night American TV tearing him apart for his colourful past.

On a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, comedian Bowen Yang portrayed him as a prolific liar, while comedian Jon Lovitz also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as the scandal-hit congressman.

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During the five-minute sketch, Lovitz is grilled by Jimmy Fallon about the various scandals in his career, ending with him singing a song about having no regrets.

Naturally, Santos wasn’t best pleased about the impersonations, and took to Twitter once again to make his grievances known.

“I have now been enshrined in late-night TV history with all these impersonations, but they are all TERRIBLE so far,” he wrote.

“Jon Lovitz is supposed to be one of the greatest comedians of all time and that was embarrassing – for him not me! These comedians need to step their game up.”

Drag star Trixie Mattel was having none of it, however, swooping into the comments to put Santos in his place.

“Maybe the source material was weak,” she quipped.

Santos then replied with a takedown of Trixie’s acting skills: “Clearly you know all about weak acting skills,” and sharing a GIF of Trixie impersonating RuPaul during Snatch Game.

However, Trixie was ready with a razor-sharp response, turning the politician’s own words against him. “I am not an actor! I was young and I had fun at a festival!”

Santos attempted a final reply but it was too late, with Trixie showing her roasting supremacy and leaving everyone in hysterics.

“You deserve the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor for that read,” fellow congressman Robert Garcia tweeted.

While another joked: “We love a lil drag on drag violence.”

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