George Santos ripped apart after SNL sends up drag queen past

Bowen Yang dressed as George Santos during an SNL skit infront of a greenscreen of an NFL football field.

A Saturday Night Live sketch dug deep into Santos’ drag queen past just hours after he addressed the commotion.

The long-running sketch show made jabbing remarks against the New York Republican after pictures of him dressed in drag during a festival in Brazil were revealed last week.

Journalist Marisa Kabas shared the photos of Santos – who has routinely advocated for anti-LGBTQ+ laws – in drag attire, which were then confirmed by drag queen Eula Rochard.

It comes amid Republican lawmakers proposing over 120 anti-drag bills that range from dangerous to ludicrous, with some containing clauses that would ban public musicals altogether.

SNL highlighted the controversy on Saturday (21 January) during a skit where it presented a parody version of the sports broadcast panel show Fox NFL.

In it, comedian Bowen Yang played the queer Republican, who was acting as a sports correspondent.

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The sketch dug into the various lies that Santos has made over his political career, with the parody Santos making outrageous claims that he was the “real Bo Jackson” and was the “first African American quarterback to ever dunk a football.”

After being questioned on whether he’s even played football, the parody Santos responded: “Well, I didn’t do drag in Brazil.

“I didn’t do drag in Brazil under the name Kitara Ravache! Whoever did that was very, very good at it and won many, many pageants.”

Just hours after the skit, Santos responded to the reports at La Guardia Airport, where he said he was just having “fun at a festival.”

“No, I was not a drag queen in Brazil, guys,” he said. “I was young and I had fun at a festival. Sue me for having a life.”

George Santos’ alleged lies are too ridiculous for social media

The entire situation has become so ridiculous that onlookers can’t help but laugh at the ever-growing list of alleged lies that Santos has made.

“I’m surprised George Santos didn’t claim to win three seasons in a row on RuPaul’s Drag Race,” a Twitter user remarked.

“So what George Santos is now saying is that he was drag queen-ish,” another joked.

Things were only made worse for the right-winger following unearthed footage found by Brazilian drag queens showing Santos dancing at a festival.

“The devil works hard but Rio drag queens worked harder finding this video of George Santos in drag,” Twitter user Wesley Bonner wrote in a post sharing footage of Santos at the Brazillian festival.

“George’s new drag name needs to be Miss Information,” a reply read.

Despite the array of memes flooding in from the controversy, others didn’t find the consistent lies of a political representative too funny.

In an opinion piece for The Atlantic, David Graham said that, despite the hilarity of the constant list of untruths, the reality of the “danger” that exists in the public official’s willingness to lie should be concerning.

He added that voters have a “right to know” whether the politicians they have voted for are who they say they are while adding that Santos’ reputation has been completely destroyed as a result.

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