New Doritos advert hits hard with queer love story and tragic truth about LGBTQ+ relationships

A screenshot from Doritos' 'Bold love' advert shows two women sitting next to each other in a car smiling with one woman touching the other's head.

Doritos Mexico has released a heartwarming Valentine’s Day advert celebrating LGBTQ+ love and the ongoing fight for queer lives to be accepted. 

The campaign, titled Bold Love, was created with #OrgulloTodoElAño (Pride all year) platform, which aims to give the LGBTQ+ community visibility beyond Pride month. 

Bold Love explores the celebration of love against all odds; beyond cultural barriers and social acceptance, and portrays the challenges the LGBTQ+ community face in relationships.

The advert opens with a shot of two women holding hands, before the passenger eats a Dorito and tells her partner: “I love you so much,” while looking at her adoringly. 

Her partner responds: “How much?” to which she says: “I’d bring down the moon and the stars for you.” 

“No, seriously. What would you do for me?” the woman driving asks. 

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Her partner responds: “I’d kiss you in front of everyone, without caring if people stare, or whatever may happen. 

The beautiful chemistry between the lovers can be felt through the screen. (Doritos Mexico/YouTube)

“I’d introduce you to my family as my girlfriend, even if my parents or grandmother stop talking to me, I don’t care. 

She continues listing the gestures she’d make – including asking her to pick her up from work with flowers and getting married, even if “half the guests don’t show up.”

The heartwarming love story is then followed by sobering statistics sourced from a survey on discrimination for sexual orientation and gender identity. 

Included in the statistics is that 33 per cent of the LGBT community has suffered from discrimination at their workplace and 76 per cent of the community avoids showing their love in public. 

Bold Love is the fifth instalment of the viral queer-friendly campaign that kicked off in December with The Best Gift, while Day of the Dead and Father’s Day have been celebrated with beautiful and bold queer visibility. 

In October last year, same-sex marriage was fully legalised in Mexico, following the country voting earlier that month to ban all forms of LGBTQ+ conversion therapy

Last year also marked the landmark legal victory of an LGBTQ+ activist becoming the first person in Mexico to be issued a birth certificate legally recognising them as non-binary. 

More than half of Mexico’s 32 states have passed legislation to allow trans people to change their gender on official documents, such as passports and driver’s licences.

Despite progression towards LGBTQ+ equality, Mexico has a horrifying problem with violence against trans people and was rated the second-deadliest country in the world for trans people in 2019