Printing firm refuses to make anti-trans activist Posie Parker’s vile ‘adult human female’ merch

Posie Parker in Glasgow

The printing company responsible for Posie Parker’s anti-trans “adult human female” merchandise has said it would have never worked with her if they knew the full extent of her work.

Posie Parker, real name Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, hit out at HelloPrint in a Daily Mail article over its refusal to make her merchandise.

The company has been making “adult human female” stickers – and other items – for Parker for five years, including a t-shirt calling Nicola Sturgeon a “destroyer of women’s rights”, which was famously modelled by JK Rowling.

The company claims it was not fully aware of her beliefs during that time, and says it needs “better processes” to avoid similar situations in the future.

CEO of HelloPrint Hans Scheffer told PinkNews that the decision to refuse Parker’s orders was deliberate, commenting that the company has “no room for people who evangelise hate”.

The firm’s boss added that if the company had known the context of Parker’s merchandise, they would not have worked with her.

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“We welcome people from backgrounds, and we’re proud that we are a company that expresses love instead of hate,” Scheffer explained.

“Miss Parker frames her standpoint in a way that it seems HelloPrint is ‘anti-women’, but she does this to rationalise the fact that she’s excluding large groups of people who just want to be themselves.”

Scheffer commented further: “At HelloPrint, there’s no room for people who evangelise hate. Not from the heart of our company beliefs, but also not from the position of many of our diverse team members, sometimes also part of a minority.” He added: “That has led to the decision to refuse printing orders for this customer.”

He also said that 10 per cent of its employees are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Asked if HelloPrint had considered stopping working with Parker earlier, the company told PinkNews: “If we had been fully aware of her beliefs earlier, we would earlier have refused to print for her.

“But the reality is that we did, and we need better processes to avoid this in future.”

Posie Parker is fundraising for a women's refuge. There's just one problem
Posie Parker wears one of her anti-trans t-shirts. (Pink News)

The company said it cancelled an order from Parker in which she requested the statement “Are children safe (with these trans rights)? No, it’s being taught in schools” be printed.

She also requested merchandise that described trans-inclusive legislation as a “sinister takeover” and “a direct threat to women”.

HelloPrint said that it had decided that some of Parker’s slogans may seem harmless in isolation, but in the context of her work and other request, are anti-trans.

“If we look at the complete picture, these designs are also meant to be printed as anti-trans material, saying only women (and men) have rights, trans people don’t.

“Although two or three designs were not inherently offensive, viewing the content of the other designs and understanding the context, we can perceive all designs that were canceled as anti-trans/harmful.”

Who is Posie Parker?

Posie Parker is the creator of anti-trans movement Let Women Speak. Her apparent agenda of degrading and misgendering trans women has quickly gained the support of various right-wing organisations as she campaigns to exclude trans women from single-sex spaces.

Recently, Posie Parker bought her “Let Women Speak” rally to Glasgow’s George Square on Sunday (5 February), where it was met with a counterprotest organised by Scotland-based protest collective Cabaret Against The Hate Speech.

Hundreds showed up to drown out Parker’s event, with a karaoke machine blasting the likes of Lady Gaga, ABBA and Liza Minelli.

Interspersed between “Cabaret”, the “Time Warp”, “I Will Survive” and the “YMCA” were speeches and performances by people affected by Parker’s rhetoric.

Protest-goers were intent that Posie Parker’s rally was not representative of Glasgow’s values.

Provocatively, in a lengthy online declamation on 2 February ahead of the rally, she stated that women who stand in her way will be “annihilated”.

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