Queer actor JJ Welles apologises for calling JK Rowling a ‘Nazi’

JK Rowling and JJ Welles

Queer actor and drag queen JJ Welles has issued a public apology to JK Rowling after calling the author a “Nazi” over her views on trans people and trans rights. 

It is understood his apology comes after legal action, or threat or legal action, from the Harry Potter author.

Welles, who is an outspoken trans ally, issued the apology in the form of a Twitter thread on Monday (13 February). He wrote: “I would like to publicly apologise for a previous Twitter thread where I interacted with JK Rowling on matters relating to the transgender community.

“I have now removed these tweets and would like to apologise to JK Rowling directly for causing potential upset.”

Welles added he “failed to choose my words with care” and said he retracted statements previously made about Rowling’s views on the LGBTQ+ community and “specifically, transgender people”.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling in front of trans Pride flag colours
Harry Potter author JK Rowling has become known for her views on trans people. (Getty)

In response to Welles’ original comments, JK Rowling made reference to a “solicitors game” and asked “What’s your solicitor’s view on this Nazi accusation? Would they advise you to defend it in court?”

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Welles posted the original tweet in December. In response, Rowling wrote: “The thing about the solicitors game is everyone can play, JJ. I ignored your ‘hyperbolic metaphor’ about burning me to death in 2020, but I’m starting to think that was a mistake.

This was followed by another message, in response to a now-deleted tweet, where JK Rowling stated: “Okey dokey, JJ, we’ll play it your way. Give my regards to your solicitor!”

PinkNews has contacted JJ Welles for comment.

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