Uniqlo is releasing a collection celebrating cult-favourite films by Sofia Coppola

Uniqlo is releasing a collection inspired by Sofia Coppola's cult-favourite films

Uniqlo is releasing a collection inspired by cult-favourite films from director Sofia Coppola.

They’ll step into Coppola’s dream world for the range, which features t-shirts and a tote bag.

It’s being released on 6 March at uniqlo.com and uniqlo.com/uk, with the brand giving fans a preview of the range.

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“As the mastermind behind some of the most aesthetically notable, psychologically rich films of the last two decades, Sofia Coppola can do no wrong. Now you can wear your love for the director right on your sleeve,” the brand said.

The collection highlights some of her most celebrated works, including Marie Antoinette and The Virgin Suicides, which both starred Kirsten Dunst.

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There’s also nods to Lost in Translation, Somewhere and 2013’s The Bling Ring, which is based on a real-life gang of fame-obsessed teenagers who burgled celebrities’ homes.

The collection features t-shirts inspired by The Bling Ring and Lost in Translation. (Uniqlo)

“I am so happy to have this project celebrating my work and hope people will enjoy the t-shirts as a token of the films that are so much a part of my life,” Coppola said.

She added: “They are a great reminder of the collaborators I worked with and the creative experience we shared. I like to wear t-shirts of artists and musicians who I love, and in the same way wish for them to mean something to someone who likes my work.

“I always like how a t-shirt can connect you to other people who like the same thing you do.”

The graphic t-shirt collection includes images from Marie Antoinette, with the quote “It’s not too much is it?” in bold pink lettering and a shot from Somewhere, with the quote “Sorry what was the question?”.

Uniqlo and Sofia Coppola collection
The collection also features a tote bag with the film’s title card embellished across it. (Uniqlo)

The t-shirts for Lost in Translation and The Bling Ring feature quotes from the films, with “I guess this is goodbye” and “Let’s go shopping”, with the back of the tees featuring the film title and “written and directed by Sofia Coppola”.

The t-shirts will cost $24.90/£19.90 and the tote bag will cost $29.90. It will be available in-store and at uniqlo.com and uniqlo.com/uk from 6 March.

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