Vladimir Putin blasts Church of England over same-sex marriage and gender-neutral God

Vladimir Putin during a State of the Union address.

Russian tyrant-in-chief Vladimir Putin has made yet another unhinged speech to lawmakers and officials, accusing the west of “normalising pedophilia”.

The Russian president took aim at the LGBTQ+ community, alongside so-called “traitors” of Russia, during his annual state of the nation address in Moscow.

During the speech, Putin claimed that Western nations had somehow desecrated the so-called traditional view of family values.

“The West is perverting the family, the national identity,” he said. “They are making pedophilia the norm in their lives, and priests encourage same-sex marriage.”

He then quoted Jesus, saying: “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.”

This week will mark the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – a war that has claimed tens of thousands of lives, including thousands of civilians.

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Vladimir Putin used the speech, which reportedly caused some of the audience members to doze off, to try to justify his war, referring to “neo-Nazis”, as he has before, and what he called the “Kyiv regime”.

Aside from claiming that Moscow “isn’t at war with the people of Ukraine”, Putin said that the deteriorating relationship with NATO countries as a result of the conflict was “utterly the US’s fault“.

“We were doing everything possible to solve this problem peacefully,” he claimed. “Behind our backs, a very different scenario was being prepared.”

The speech culminated with the Russian autocrat complaining about the rest of the world leaving him behind, and ranting about gender-neutral pronouns and spouting stereotypes of LGBTQ+ people.

“The Anglican Church is planning – so far only planning – to look into the idea of a gender-neutral God, what do you say to that?

“We are obligated to protect our children from degradation and degeneracy.”

One of the only new parts of the speech was his declaration that NATO countries could no longer inspect Russia’s nuclear arsenal. The move comes as part of Moscow’s decision to suspend the last remaining nuclear arms control pact – the 2010 New START treaty – between Russia and the US.

“I want to repeat, it is them who are culpable for the war, and we are using force to stop it,” he said.