Florence + The Machine tease epic No Doubt cover for Yellowjackets – and fans are in pieces

Melanie Lynskey and Christina Ricci in Yellowjackets (L) and Florence Welch in Yellowjackets teaser video (R)

Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine fame has sent the gays into ecstasy after teasing a cover of the 90s hit “Just A Girl” in the lead up to season two of Yellowjackets.

The singer took to social media with a teaser which shows her flicking through her dresses, trying to find an outfit.

At the end of the rack is the quintessential Yellowjackets fleece, and, as her cover of No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” starts playing, she swings the jacket on. The caption, featuring drop of blood, reads: “So happy I got picked for the team this year.”

The official Yellowjackets account replied: “We make one hell of a team.”

It’s not clear how exactly the song will be incorporated into the Emmy-Award-nominated show but some are speculating it could be the new theme song.

The highly anticipated second season of the drama is due to begin at the end of March and will pick up the story of a high school girls’ football team who are stranded in the wilderness for 19 months after their plane crashes in 1996.

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The series flashes between the past and the present day – more than two decades on from their rescue – and reveals the trauma the now-adult women are still experiencing. The cast includes Jasmin Savoy Brown, Melanie Lynskey, Christina Ricci, Tawny Cypress and Juliette Lewis.

The Showtime series has a huge LGBTQ+ cult following, with Cypress and Brown playing queer character Taissa at different stages of her life.

And with Florence’s chokehold over the gals, theys and gays, her addition to Yellowjackets as part of the soundtrack is likely to be a legendary collaboration.

Fans have shared their excitement, with one person writing: “My two life-long obsessions. What did I do to earn this? I must have been Mother Teresa in a past life.”

Another admitted: “I’m screaming and I’m not even sure what I’m screaming about. Feels right!”

And a third fan said simply: “My head is exploding!”

Florence herself has previously shared her love for Yellowjackets with the New York Times, saying it was a key part of her ongoing inspiration, especially when it comes to the power of femininity.

She said: “Yellowjackets appeals to me because of my fascination with all things culty, but also it portrays the violence of the hormonal shift of girlhood so well.

“I think there’s something about being a young woman that feels very murderous. That’s what I was trying to get with a song like “Dream Girl Evil” [from her latest album]. It can be dangerous for people to think you’re incredibly nice.”

She continued: “When you get [told], ‘You’re an angel’, that seems like such a high place to fall from. When I see messy or violent or terribly behaved women, especially young women, there’s a liberation. To not have to try [to] survive by being good.”

We will certainly being seeing more deranged content in the upcoming season, with the show runners teasing that cannibalism is only the tip of the iceberg, and the cast still reeling from the horrors they had to film.

Brown also hinted at what’s to come, telling ET: “Whatever you are hoping is going to happen, it’s worse than that. It’s worse than that. [I’ve] seen episodes one and two, which are very satisfying.

“But it just gets worse and worse – worse as in better – and episode six is really disturbing. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Yellowjackets season two begins on Showtime in the US on 24 March. No official details have yet been released for UK viewers.