Gay Georgia Democrat delivers emotional speech to trans youth: ‘Please don’t give up. We need you’

Karla Drenner

A Georgia lawmaker has delivered an emotional and heartfelt plea to trans youth in her state who will be impacted by a healthcare bill banning gender-affirming care. 

She urged young trans people trans to not “give up”, assuring them “this world is worth it” and “we need you.”

On Thursday (16 March) Democrat Karla Drenner, who represents the state’s 85th district, spoke out against anti-trans bill GA SB140. 

The bill seeks to prohibit medical professionals from treating gender dysphoria with hormone replacement therapies or gender-affirming surgery. Puberty blockers, however, would not be banned under the law. 

The legislation is expected to pass due to the Republican-led majority of the state’s senate. 

In her speech, Drenner urged trans youth not to give up in the face of adversity. 

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According to Raw Story, she began by saying she is “so sad today”. 

“I’ve been here 23 years. I was the first openly gay state representative in the south. I have bear witness to lots of bills over the years that have impacted the LGBTQ community.

“What you are talking about today is somebody’s child. You are telling these parents that they are bad parents because they want to take care of their children. 

“I believe that you mean well, but this is wrong.”

Drenner went on to address trans youth in Georgia directly: “To all the children in our state that are going to be negatively impacted, please don’t lose hope. 

“Please don’t give up. Please don’t kill yourself. This world is worth it. We need you.”

She concluded by urging lawmakers not to vote for the legislation. 

Georgia’s bill banning trans-affirming care is just one of hundreds of anti-LGBTQ+ laws which are being tabled across the US. 

The legislation seeks to roll back anti-discrimination rights, same-sex marriage, trans rights, access to sports, parental rights and drag performances.

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