Anti-trans activist Matt Walsh is losing thousands because he won’t stop misgendering Dylan Mulvaney

Anti-trans activist Matt Walsh says he won’t be posting any more videos on YouTube because the platform keeps “demonetising” his content due to his continued misgendering of trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

During a speech at the University of Iowa on Wednesday (19 April), Walsh said he had been informed by YouTube he had “committed a series of alleged violations of their terms of service, and also of their ad partnerships guidelines”.

YouTube cited three violations, Walsh told the audience – seemingly saying all were related to misgendering Mulvaney.

Walsh said it meant he was missing out on ad revenue and could see him “being banished for ever from the platform”.

He claimed to earn more than $100,000 (£80,000) from his YouTube videos each month.

Matt Walsh said the move was part of “institutional efforts to silence” him, pointing to his Twitter account being hacked recently hacked, and a Media Matters article that highlighted controversies in his past.

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He said his show would stop being released on YouTube beginning next week, noting it meant he was leaving the platform “that drives the national conversation” and risked “taking [him] out of the conversation”.

He added: “I would like to be there if I could be there while keeping my integrity.”

Being demonetised was a sign of success, he claimed.

“All you’re telling me is that our strategy is working, that we’re being effective. Every attack is confirmation, that’s how I see it.

“It tells me you’re worried, you’re scared, you know that we represent a threat to your ideology. It also confirms again that you are exactly the kind of amoral scumbags I always thought you were.”

Fighting against trans rights was “a hill worth dying on”, he said.

PinkNews has contacted YouTube for comment.

Walsh’s Twitter hacked

A day before the speech, Matt Walsh’s Twitter was hacked.

As reported by Wired, a series of messages were tweeted that included jabs at other conservative media figures.

One post directed at Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro said: “You know what you did, you are a closeted homosexual.”

Other tweets targeted fellow commentator Joe Rogan and influencer Andrew Tate, who is still languishing under house arrest in Romania.

The person claiming to be behind the hack told the outlet it was just to stir up controversy and chaos on the platform, calling it “a few silly words on social media”.

The hacker also appeared to have accessed Walsh’s Google and Microsoft accounts, Wired reported.

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