Matt Walsh still obsessed with Dylan Mulvaney and her can of Bud Light, eight months later

Matt Walsh has claimed it’s better for a child to have no arm than to grow up with gay parents.

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh is still hung up on Dylan Mulvaney and her can of Bud Light, eight months later. 

Walsh, who in May, alongside fellow Daily Wire commentator Michael Knowles, admitted that conservatives’ calls to boycott brands over inclusivity are intended to persuade brands to end support for LGBTQ+ people by turning Pride collaborations “toxic”, just can’t move on Bud Light’s social media partnership with Mulvaney. 

In April, Bud Light faced furious backlash after sending Mulvaney a personalised can to help celebrate 365 days of her public transition. 

Eight months after initial backlash Walsh posted on his preferred platform of X/Twitter to share his disdain. 

One post reads: “Bud Light is a brand owned by a foreign conglomerate that tried to push trans ideology and is now paying the price.

“There is absolutely no legitimate reason to back away or let off the gas. They deserve everything that’s happened to them.”

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In a later post he claimed bud Light “push transgenderism” and is a “s**t” product. 

In response, Media Matters’ Ari Drennen wrote on the platform: “There’s something so horrifying spellbinding in a grown man throwing a public temper tantrum because other people have lost interest in his obsession with Dylan Mulvaney and returned to drinking a beer that he’s admitted he doesn’t even drink.”

Musician Kid Rock was also one of the many right-wingers who attacked Bud Light at the time, but more recently is back on the beer and is drinking his favourite brew once more, having seemingly gotten over his short-lived outraged.

Walsh, however, remains furious.