Candace Owens makes bizarre ‘satanic ritual’ claim about The Wizard of Oz

Podcast host and right-wing personality Candace Owens

Far-right podcast host Candace Owens has raised eyebrows over her comments about The Wizard of Oz, claiming the Munchkins performed a “satanic ritual” in the musical.

During an episode of her Daily Wire show on 16 January, Owens explained that she had seen some “satanic” elements in the beloved 1939 film.

Among some tongue-in-cheek comments about the musical, she claimed that when the people in Munchkinland celebrate the death of the Wicked Witch of the East after Dorothy accidentally kills her, the singing and dancing is in fact celebrating the devil.

Owens explained that she had discussed The Wizard of Oz with fellow Daily Wire host Matt Walsh, and that while many people believe “what Dorothy did was manslaughter”, she believes it was darker than that.

“Before the Wicked Witch, if that’s what we’re calling her, shows up, the Munchkins – Oompa Loompas, whatever you wanna call them – are throwing a party while there is a dead person under a house, and they’re skipping with Dorothy singing, ‘Ding-dong, the witch is dead’,” she said.

“There’s somebody that’s dead and they’re dancing and saying, ‘Which old witch? The wicked witch … Obviously, this is some sort of a satanic ritual.”

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Doubling down, Owns added that “the only reason you’d have a dead person and dance around them” is in order to perform a “satanic ritual”. 

While Candace Owens’ comments on The Wizard of Oz were on the lighter side, the podcast host – and the Daily Wire more broadly – is well known for stoking up hatred against the LGBTQ+ community. 

Most recently, Owens took to Twitter/X to post to her 4.5 million followers that the LGBTQ+ community is a “plague on our society”

“Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder and the entire LGBTQ movement brought with it a sexual plague on our society,” she wrote in early January. 

In September 2023, Owens was suspended from YouTube following allegations of hate speech against LGBTQ+ people.

In June the same year, Owens’ YouTube content was demonetised for her continued misgendering of trans people, which the platform said at the time was in breach of its ‘hateful conduct’ policy.

Meanwhile, fellow host Matt Walsh has previously argued in favour of LGBTQ+ conversion therapy, continuously misgendered trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, and embarked on abusive rants against drag queens

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