Matt Walsh argues in favour of gay conversion therapy as he claims sexuality is a ‘choice’

Matt Walsh speaking on the set of his show.

Anti-LGBTQ+ pundit Matt Walsh has voiced his support for so-called conversion therapy, suggesting that homosexuality is a choice.

The notoriously controversial right-wing talking head, who describes himself as a “theocratic fascist” on social media, said he believes conversion therapy to be effective by arguing that being gay is not innate, but a lifestyle queer people choose.

While sharing his latest anti-LGBTQ+ thoughts on the Daily Wire’s The Matt Walsh Show, he argued: “if people are born gay – like, born gay, you’re gay from birth, right?”

“That’s what that would mean. Then that means that there are what, homosexual infants out there?”

So-called conversion therapy refers to attempts to change a person’s sexuality or gender identity, which is impossible.

In the UK and US, belief in the practice is often faith-based. However, countries including France, Germany and Canada, have banned it under equality laws.

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Despite the mountain of evidence that conversion therapy is not just ineffective, but can also be extremely psychologically damaging, Walsh argued that those who are ashamed of being gay should be given the choice to engage in the practice.

“They don’t, you know, they don’t want to have the same-sex attraction, but they do, and they’re looking for help,” he claimed. “If somebody desires to be straight, then why shouldn’t we affirm that desire?”

Conversion therapy survivors have reiterated on numerous occasions that, not only is it impossible to change sexuality, but consenting to the abusive practice is an oxymoron.

Following a similar claim about consent by MSP Kate Forbes, Scottish Green Party councillor for Glasgow, and conversion therapy survivor, Blair Anderson, said that, although he “consented,” he never really had a choice.

“I come from quite a fundamentalist religious family in the Church of Scotland,” he said. “When I came out as gay in my early teens, I was told that being gay wasn’t an option.

“I had a choice: I could stay in the family and deny my sexuality, or I could accept my sexuality and lose my family.”

According to the US watchdog, Media Matters, Walsh has violated a number of YouTube’s hate speech policies with his Daily Wire show.

In February, he denigrated trans TikTok star, Dylan Mulvaney, in a rant where he called her “artificial” and “lifeless”.

In response to the backlash that followed his attack, Walsh claimed that having a trans child is “a fate worse than death.”

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