Melissa McCarthy has iconic Ursula moment with Drag Race icon Nina West: ‘Everything I ever wanted’

Two Ursula's Nina West and Melissa McCarthy meet at The Little Mermaid premiere.

Melissa McCarthy and Drag Race legend Nina West brought double trouble to The Little Mermaid world premiere on Monday (8 May) as the two Ursula’s collided in the best way.

McCarthy may finally be bringing the drag-inspired Little Mermaid villain Ursula to life on 26 May, opposite Halle Bailey’s Ariel in Disney’s live-action adaptation, but her relationship with drag goes way back. Since beginning her performance career as New York drag queen Miss Y in the early 90s, the Oscar-nominated actor has been a fierce defender of drag rights.

From vocally defending drag’s legacy on social media to backing the Drag Isn’t Dangerous telethon in protest of anti-drag legislation being pushed forward across the US, it is no surprise that when she ran into drag legend West on The Little Mermaid blue carpet, dressed to the nines in Ursula drag, they had a heartwarming interaction.

In a video uploaded to West’s Instagram, we see the entire interaction, beginning with the two of them bowing to each other as they chant: “It’s everything I ever wanted.”

West is wearing a magnificent sweeping frilled purple, black and sliver skirt, a black sparkling corset and a neon-green-gloved top and wig. McCarthy stayed true to the “under the sea” theme with a sheer dark-blue tasselled dress, elbow-length gloves and diamond rings to boot.

After a tender moment to say hello, during which McCarthy grasps West’s hands, the Bridesmaids star calls her pal’s outfit “perfection” and invites her to come over for breakfast before they burst into song, crooning the 1954 Rosemary Clooney classic “Sisters”.

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“Sisters, sisters/There were never such devoted sisters/Never had to have a chaperon, no sir I’m here to keep my eye on her/Caring, sharing,” they sang as they slung their arms around each other.

West wrote in the caption: “It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Sisters for ever. Thank you, Melissa McCarthy, for a moment I won’t ever forget. Thank you, Disney, for having me tonight and allowing me to share in such a magical celebration.

“And yes, it delivers, in every single way. Halle is breath-taking and Melissa is brilliant. I can’t wait for everyone to see this movie.”

Others shared West’s enthusiasm, with The Vivienne simply commenting: “Yesssssss.”

Meanwhile, LGBTQ+ theatre star Allen Waiserman said: “OK, this is one of the cutest moments I’ve ever seen.”

Another fan wrote: “Melissa has such a look, full of love and admiration, in her eye. When you hold hands, all the fuzzy feelings.”

Melissa McCarthy will play Ursula in The Little Mermaid. (Disney)
Melissa McCarthy as Ursula in The Little Mermaid. (Disney)

As for what fans can expect from The Little Mermaid, at the premiere, McCarthy highlighted the “modern” message of empowerment at the heart of the film, during in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“For me, there’s something special about this one,” she said. “If we haven’t been a parent, we’ve all had parents. We’ve all wrestled with what that is. We’ve all longed to figure out what’s the life I want, which is really the key story in this.

“I feel it’s more modern than it was in the original, just in terms of really carving out the life you choose to have for yourself.”

McCarthy has previously spoken about her commitment to honouring Divine’s legacy, the 20th century drag icon who inspired the original animated Ursula, so we have lots of camp scenes awaiting us.

The Little Mermaid is due to open on 26 May.

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