Meet Drag Race México’s cast of 11 sickening queens joining host Valentina

The official Drag Race México Cast has been RuVealed (WOW/ Paramount+/ MTV)

Drag Race México has unveiled the cast of queens set to compete on its first ever season – and they’re all sickening.

As the latest country to fall in RuPaul’s quest for world domination, the official cast list of Drag Race México has finally been RuVealed.

To make matters even more legendary, the series will be co-hosted by Drag Race fan favourite alum Valentina and Drag Race France season one star Lolita Banana.

11 hungry queens from across the country will vie for the title of México’s First Drag Superstar – and if the newly-released Meet the Queens video is anything to go by, the competition is set to be fierce.

Valentina, take that thing off of your face, and show us the cast of Drag Race México


Hailing from Ciudad Juárez, Argennis, 26, is already the winner of Mexican drag pageant ‘Iconica Reina Del Show/ Iconic Show Queen’– a title that will surely help her as she enters the workroom.

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“My drag persona is a diva. She is a snooty b*tch. People tell me I am a bitch, and they’re right – but I am not going to change, so suck it.”

Official Bio: Best known as the chameleonic queen and named the best drag queen of Ciudad Juarez, Argennis has a career spanning 10 years and has been loved and cheered on by her fellow hometown citizens.

Follow Argennis on Instagram @argennisdragqueen.

Argennis. (World of Wonder/ Paramount+/ MTV)

Cristian Peralta

Cristian Peralta, 36, joins the Drag Race México cast from Guadalajara, and her Instagram displays fierce celebrity impersonations of Mariah Carey and the Sanderson sisters. If DRM has a Snatch Game, the other queens should watch out.

“I’m extremely competitive. Brace yourself, my dears, the queen of queens is here.”

Official Bio: From Jalisco to the world. Originally from San Pedro, Tlaquepaque, Cristian Peralta has 15 years of experience in the entertainment world, with three years in the world of drag showcasing her talent as a comedian, dancer, makeup artist, and impersonator, touring the country.

Follow Cristian Peralta on Instagram @cristianperaltatransformista.

Cristian Peralta. (World of Wonder/ Paramount+/ MTV)

Gala Varo

Also from Guadalajara, Gala Varo, 33, is one half of the drag pair ‘Red Rabbit Duo’, who appeared on season two of YouTube show La Más Draga.

“When people first meet me, they freeze in place. They’re shocked; they can’t believe such beauty exists.”

Official Bio: The dangerous lady, queen of air, fire and heart. Originally from Morelia, Michoacán, Gala Varo has more than 15 years of experience as a performer in Mexico and five years since she first made her appearance in the drag world.

Follow Gala Varo on Instagram @gala.varo.

Gala Varo. (World of Wonder/ Paramount+/ MTV)

Lady Kero

Lady Kero, 33, is the season’s only queen from Oaxaca City. Her social media brands her the ‘Oaxacan Dragon’ – and we’re ready to see some fire-breathing when it comes to the rest of the Drag Race México cast.

“My drag persona is a kindhearted auntie who gives you hugs, lends you an ear, gives you advice and a good scolding at times.”

Official Bio: Lady Kero has a vibrant spirit and a soul of steel. Born and raised in Oaxaca, Kero claims that the history, culture, and traditions of her hometown inspired her to create her drag character. She has “mezcal in her blood, pithaya lips, and a heart of cheese” — a true delicacy for Mexico and the world.

Follow Lady Kero on Instagram @lady_kero.

Lady Kero. (World of Wonder/ Paramount+/ MTV)

Margaret Y Ya

Mexico City’s first tribute to the Drag Race México cast is Margaret Y Ya, 28, who competed on the first season of La Más Draga and already boasts well over 100,000 Instagram followers.

“I have a carefree personality, I give zero fucks. The biggest misconception people have about me is that I’m a shitty person, and maybe I am, but only to other shitty people who deserve it.”

Official Bio: The sweet and sour Gemini queen of Mexico City. A pop star on stage and a beast on social media, Margaret Y Ya is ready to capture the audience’s hearts.

Follow Margaret Y Ya on Instagram @margaretyya.

Margaret Y Ya. (World of Wonder/ Paramount+/ MTV)


At 24, Matraka, is one of the youngest queens on the Drag Race México cast, and hails from Purísima
del Rincón. A fierce makeup queen, she’s not to be underestimated.

“My drag is super cultural, artistic and folkloric… we’re tearing walls down and making history.”

Official Bio: Originally from Guanajuato, Matraka is a visual artist, dancer, and actress. Her art is inspired by Latin American folklore and evokes strong feelings of nostalgia.

Follow Matraka on Instagram @matraka_traka.

Matraka. (World of Wonder/ Paramount+/ MTV)

Miss Vallarta

25-year-old Miss Vallarta – likely inspired by but not to be confused with Puerto Vallarta – is a drag mother and wig stylist from Guadalajara.

“The strangest thing about me is that not even I know what I’m going to say next.”

Official Bio: Originally from the Mexican coastal town Puerto Vallarta, the Mexican rose proudly wears the color of Mexico on her skin.  

Follow Miss Vallarta on Instagram @miss_vallarta.

Miss Vallarta. (World of Wonder/ Paramount+/ MTV)

Pixie Pixie

Also from Mexico’s capital, Pixie Pixie, 32, promises a “goth surrealism dreamland” (and comes complete with a spicier Instagram to peruse).

“I always look for a concept, I always try to make a fashion statement.”

Official Bio: The queen of black and white, originally from Mexico City with over 10 years of experience in the drag scene, Pixie Pixie is influenced by goth culture, conceptual fashion, and Mexican surrealism.

Follow Pixie Pixie on Instagram @pixie.pixie_.

Pixie Pixie. (World of Wonder/ Paramount+/ MTV)

Regina Voce

The most experienced queen (read: oldest) of the Drag Race México cast, 41-year-old Regina Voce first appeared on the first season of Queens of the Universe. After placing 7th/8th, it remains to be seen whether the third Mexico City queen can top that placement in a Drag Race arena.

“I have a very seductive energy. That’s what has got me – and will continue to get me – very far.”

Official Bio: Mexican actress, singer, dancer, vocal coach, and makeup artist with more than 30 years in the entertainment business; she is also known for her roles in productions such as Cirque Du Soleil, Rock of Ages, Les Miserables, and Queen of the Universe, among others.

Follow Regina Voce on Instagram @reginavocedrag.

Regina Voce. (World of Wonder/ Paramount+/ MTV)

Serena Morena

Serena Morena, 34, is from Aguascalientes, and her Instagram bio reads: “Subtle but impactful”. Let’s see how much impact she brings to the Werk Room.

“When I’m onstage, I devour everything, and literally everything.”

Official Bio: Serena Morena is a drag icon in the Bajío region of Mexico. Subtle yet shocking, this queen has seven years of experience on stage and was crowned the winner of “The Best” competition, earning her the title as the best performer in her native city, Aguascalientes. 

Follow Serena Morena on Instagram @serenamorena_drag.

Serena Morena. (World of Wonder/ Paramount+/ MTV)

Vermelha Noir

The final queen announced for Drag Race México‘s inaugural season, Vermelha Noir, 24, is part of the same drag house as Pixie Pixie – do we smell a rivalry or an alliance?

“Visually I have no equal. I love to analyse my rivals.”

Official Bio: From Querétaro, Vermelha is here to prove that drag art also thrives beyond nightlife. She declares herself to be in love with Mexican culture and art. Vermelha Noir has over four years of experience in artistic makeup, performance, and character design and has been part of both national and international drag projects.

Follow Vermelha Noir on Instagram @vermelhanoir.

Vermelha Noir. (World of Wonder/ Paramount+/ MTV)

The Drag Race Mexico premiere date is set for 22 June in Latin America on MTV and Paramount+, and on WOW Presents Plus worldwide. Paramount+ will also stream the series in the United States at a later, to-be-announced date.

Drag Race México will air exclusively on WOW Presents Plus in the UK.

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