Edinburgh Zoo praised for response to homophobic backlash over Pride support

Edinburgh Zoo staff at Edinburgh Pride holding flag

Edinburgh Zoo has been praised on social media for how it handled a homophobic and transphobic backlash after it shared photos of its staff enjoying a Pride event.

The zoo took to Twitter on Monday (26 June) to post about attending Edinburgh Pride, adding that its LGBTQ+ colleagues, members and supporters “make amazing contributions to saving wildlife”. 

The post added: “Together, we can create a world where nature is protected, valued and loved.”

Edinburgh Pride, held on Saturday (24 June), marked the event’s 26th year, with organisers saying it was now bigger than ever. 

However, people with anti-LGBTQ+ beliefs had a lot to say about the zoo’s staff attending the celebration, with one claiming the “optics on this are awful”, before asking: “You support mutilating children?” 

The zoo responded by saying such statements “spread misinformation about LGBTQ+ [people and prove why] it’s so important to show our solidarity”. 

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They went on: “We want to ensure we are creating a nature community where everyone is welcome. Nature needs us all more than ever.” 

Trans broadcaster India Willoughby was among the people who praised the zoo for its tweets.

Following every homophobic and transphobic attack, the zoo’s social media team responded with perfect insight into why inclusivity is so important in the workplace and all walks of life.

When another person asked: “What’s this got to do with a zoo”, the team answered that it was to highlight the “discrimination and harassment” the LGBTQ+ community face.

“Which community does the + represent?” another query read.

“Many members of the LGBTQ+ community may still be finding a label they feel most comfortable using, or not feel there is a term they wish to use within LGBTQ,” came the answer. 

“We include a + to make sure we are being inclusive of as many people as possible in the wider community.” 

Other comments accused the zoo of being “irrelevant” for posting in support of the LGBTQ+ community, while others claimed they didn’t support international women’s day – which it swiftly confirmed that they do.

The backlash follows homophobes venting their anger at the mayor of London’s announcement of a small number of the capital’s buses and trains being decorated in the colours of the Progress Pride flag.