Trans senator Sarah McBride holds huge lead in Delaware race for Congress, polls suggest

Sarah McBride during a red carpet press event.

America’s first openly transgender state senator, Sarah McBride, is set for yet another historic win as she leads in the polls for Delaware’s Congressional vote.

A poll published by Change Research as part of Delaware’s Congressional race found that the Democratic senator holds a firm 44 per cent voter lead over her opponent, Eugene Young, who sits at 23 per cent.

It also found that, among women voters, 60 per cent prioritised McBride as their go-to candidate.

If elected, the state senator would become the first openly transgender person to be elected to federal office.

She announced her intention to run for Delaware’s representative in June, saying that she was “certainly cognisant” of the history she would be making if she were to win.

“Ultimately, I’m not running to be a trans member of Congress,” she said, adding she was focused on “making progress on all of the issues that matter to Delawareans of every background.”

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According to the poll, 42 per cent of voters view healthcare as the current priority issue in the US, tightly followed by gun control, which sits at 40 per cent.

Racism and discrimination, including LGBTQ+ rights, is the priority issue for 36 per cent of democratic Delawareans.

‘A lifetime advocating for her neighbours and making real change’

The Human Rights Campaign, which commissioned the poll, signalled its support of McBride thanks to her history of passing medical protections and upholding human rights laws during her time as state senator.

“Delaware voters overwhelmingly back Sarah McBride in her historic bid for Congress,” Geoff Wetrosky, vice president of national campaigns at the Human Rights Campaign, said.

“Her depth of understanding on the issues that matter most to the people of Delaware is built on a lifetime advocating for her neighbours and making real change.

“At a time when the LGBTQ+ community is in a state of emergency, representation in Congress remains essential,” he continued. “Sarah’s win would not only be historic, but deeply meaningful for transgender representation in the nation’s capital.”

In her campaign video, the 32-year-old said she was ready to make the “government work better for the people.”

McBride took aim at politicians aiming to “divide” the US through anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric while showing footage of Florida governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, as well as US house representative Marjorie Taylore Greene.

“Blocking out the noise and focusing on what actually matters isn’t easy… it takes guts and a backbone,” McBride said.

The Delaware at-large Congressional election is to take place on 5 November 2024.

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