Graham Linehan reportedly loses agent over David Tennant ‘groomer’ accusations

Comedian and writer Graham Linehan wearing a tuxedo

Anti-trans activist Graham Linehan has claimed he has been dropped by his TV agent over comments made about Doctor Who star, David Tennant.

In June, Linehan took to Twitter to call beloved Doctor Who actor Tennant a “groomer” due to his support of the trans community and his own child, who is reportedly non-binary.

Tennant had been seen publicly wearing a rainbow badge that said “you are safe with me” and a T-shirt reading “leave trans kids alone you absolute freaks”. 

The IT Crowd creator Linehan, who has vocally opposed the trans community for years, first criticised Tennant’s T-shirt as “disgusting”, before tweeting that Tennant – along with those who stood up for the actor online – was an “abusive groomer” for his support of trans children. 

During a panel at the Conservative Party Conference on Sunday (1 October), Graham Linehan claimed that he had been dropped by his TV agency, Independent Talent, over the comments, claiming that the agency also represents Tennant.

“I just lost my TV agent because I criticised David Tennant,” Linehan said.

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“I looked at the list of people Independent Talent represented and David Tennant was at the top, and he’s making slightly more money than me at the moment, so I had to go,” he added.

In August, Linehan was seen performing a comedy show to a tiny crowd on the street in Edinburgh after having his show cancelled due to repeated anti-trans campaigning, with the venue claiming that it is “inclusive and will not allow such views to violate our space”.

Linehan has previously stated that “every central trans figure is a n**ce”.

He was also criticised in 2021 for joining a dating app for queer women, before sharing multiple accounts of people he believed to be trans. He was swiftly called out by the dating app, Her, which made clear it was an inclusive app that welcomed trans women.

PinkNews has contacted Independent Talent for comment.