Everything Now’s Mia has dating panic in exclusive clip from Netflix’s new queer teen drama

Sophie Wilde as Mia Polanco in Everything Now.

In an exclusive clip from Netflix’s upcoming queer teen drama series Everything Now, lead character Mia Polanco steps into the dating world.

Everything Now follows 16-year-old, queer student Mia (Talk To Me’s Sophie Wilde) as she attempts to return to her sixth form life after a seven months stay at an eating disorder rehabilitation clinic. 

While she’s determined to leave her struggle with anorexia in the past and return to “normal”, she’s unsettled to learn that the world has seemingly moved on without her.

Her best friends, Becca (Boiling Point’s Lauryn Ajufo), Cameron (Inside Man’s Harry Cadby) and Will (Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’s Noah Thomas) are no longer virgins spending their evenings at the skatepark. They’re hooking up, getting drunk, taking drugs, and Mia feels left behind.

In her attempt to feel like a “normal” teenager – an oxymoron, she soon discovers – she writes up a “F*ck It Bucket” list, full of things she needs to try to slot back in with her friend group, including drinking, doing crime, and of course, dating.

In a PinkNews exclusive clip, taken from episode two of the eight-part series, Mia takes her first step into the depths of the dating world, after seemingly getting a date with “the hottest guy in school”, Theo (Robert Akodoto).

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“This is your social salvation,” declares friend Will. “You’re not gonna be the crazy anorexic girl. You’re gonna be Theo’s girl.”

“The feminist dream, right there,” Becca retorts, rolling her eyes.

For Mia, dating has been the last thing on her mind in recent months, meaning she doesn’t really know how to do it. She’s hesitant, despite her friends’ insistence that it’s “totally casual”.

Then, there’s the dreaded question for someone struggling with their body image: “What are you going to wear?”

“F**k balls. Where do I even start?,” Mia says, via her continual internal monologue.

Everything Now is a “bold and earnest drama that manages to set itself apart” from other teen series, with a “refreshing approach to queerness”, according to our recent review.

Everything Now is streaming on Netflix from 5 October.

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