Netflix’s Everything Now cancelled as creator mourns loss of LGBTQ+ series

Sam Reuben and Sophie WIlde in 'Everything Now' for Netflix

Queer teen comedy drama Everything Now has been cancelled at Netflix after one season and rave reviews.

Note: This article discusses themes concerning eating disorders.

Everything Now focused on the life of sixteen year old Mia (played by Talk to Me star Sophie Wilde), who returns to school having completed a lengthy hospital stay due to anorexia.

Despite drawing praise for its sensitive and realistic portrayal of eating disorders, and queer characrers, it was announced on Monday (April 8) that the show had been axed via an interview with series co-writer Dylan Brady for Film Updates.

Speaking about his role in queer historical romp Mary and George, Brady confirmed that Everything Now had not been renewed, and explained why the news was “really disheartening” – especially given that he’d already penned at least one more episode.

“I had written a script for season two,” he said of the show, which debuted its eight-episode first season in October 2023.

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“We had some great ideas but we are at the mercy of the algorithm, I’m afraid. It’s really difficult because historically, TV has worked in one way, which is a slow, consistent growth over several seasons as opposed to this kind of mentality we see now, where it’s like, ‘If it doesn’t get 16 million views in the first 28 days, it’s not worth anyone’s while.’”

Continuing, he added: “It’s really disheartening to see because I think there’s also a lot of people who refuse to invest in a new show with the knowledge that it might just end up getting canceled.

“I hope that landscape will change and I hope that we can stop treating art and television as a commodity that’s at the mercy of an algorithm because an algorithm isn’t people, and things often just do take a bit of time. When they’re given the space to grow, they can turn into really wonderful things.”

The show’s official synopsis read as follows: “When 16-year old Mia returns home after a lengthy recovery from an eating disorder, she is thrust back into the chaotic world of sixth form only to find that her friends have moved on with teen life without her.

“Along with an ever-evolving bucket list, three best mates and a major new crush, Mia throws herself headfirst into a world of dating, parties and first kisses, soon discovering that not everything in life can be planned for.”

Everything Now is not the only queer show to have been cancelled by Netflix in recent memory. Glamorous, Shadow and Bone are among the other queer stories that have recently been canned.

Everything Now is available to stream on Netflix.