Ross Lynch stars in Troye Sivan’s ‘One of Your Girls’ music video: ‘Needed this so bad’

Troye Sivan (L) and Ross Lynch (R) in One of Your Girls music video.

Ross Lynch is making a sexy, shirtless appearance in Troye Sivan’s music video, for “One of Your Girls”, from the singer’s new album Something to Give Each Other.

Out Australian singer Trove Sivan has already sparked excitement – and plenty of discourse – across the internet ahead of the release of his new 10-track LP release on Friday (13 October), after dropping steamy music videos for his lead singles “Rush” and “Got Me Started”.

Now the 28-year old pop star is going for a hat-trick with his latest video, “One of Your Girls” which stars former Disney Channel actor and pop rock singer Ross Lynch.

A 16-second black-and-white promotional clip, released on Thursday (12 October), teased a half-naked Lynch wearing unbuttoned jeans.

“Look at you / Skip the application interview / Sweet like Malibu / Lo-look at you,” Sivan seductively sings to him before winking at the camera. And some fans are even speculating we will see Sivan in blonde Britney-style drag after the back of a scantily-clad figure can be seen.

According to an earlier video from Sivan on 7 October, “One of Your Girls” is an ode to all the “straight-ish boys” queer people have ever had a dalliance with on the down-low.

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The chorus for the three-minute song does not beat around the bush, as it continues: “Give me a call if you ever get lonely / I’ll be like one your girls or your homies / Say what you want and I’ll keep it a secret / You get the key to my heart and I need it / Give me a call if your ever get desperate, I’ll be like one of your girls.”

Naturally, fans are thirsting over The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Lynch potential playing Sivan’s romantic interest.

“Ross lynch serving c**t in a Troye Sivan music video is my Super Bowl, I needed this so bad,” one person wrote.

“His team really said ‘next video we really need to deliver more to your target audience — twinks’ and brought out Ross Lynch,” another said.

“One of Your Girls” music video drops on Friday, 13 October. Something To Give Each Other arrives the same day.