Troye Sivan gags fans once again with ‘Got Me Started’ music video

Troye Sivan in the music video for "Got Me Started"

Troye Sivan is two for two after releasing the music video for his next single “Got Me Started.”

The Aussie singer essentially broke the internet when he dropped the infectious pop anthem “Rush” earlier this summer, accompanied by a visually stunning – if not slightly controversial – music video.

Now, he’s back with a dreamy new single and video to match, and fans are gagged.

The new single, which samples the song “Shooting Stars” by Australian duo Bag Raiders, is a totally euphoric banger, but the visual is where it really shines.

The music video sees Sivan walking and running through a city, flying up the side of a building, dancing with drag queens, and stripping down in a bathhouse.

And, of course, a mind-boggling dance routine was a must.

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To put it lightly, fans are obsessed with this video, and they’re taking to social media to let him know just that.

One person took to X (aka Twitter) to write: “I’m sorry, but Troye Sivan has two of the best music videos I’ve seen this year. Stunning cinematography, well thought out choreo and just killer visuals all around. Love!”

Another agreed: “The creative team who worked on this music video absolutely chef’s kiss! One of Troye’s most beautiful music videos so far.”

Others couldn’t help but notice that Troye’s dancing seemed to be an homage to one of pop’s biggest icons.

“Is Troye a Janet stan????? Because that’s what it’s giving!” one tweet read.


“Finding out Troye is a Janet head makes me love and respect him so much more!” raved a third.

Ahead of the song’s release, Sivan spoke to Zane Lowe about the process of writing “Got Me Started”, which came to him “naturally” one day in the studio.

“It was one of the first songs that we wrote for the album and it just stuck around,” he said.

“They [Bag Raiders] were like, ‘By the way, we’ve had hundreds of requests and we’ve never said ‘yeah,’ so don’t f*** this up.’”

“And I was like, ‘I promise you, I’m going to make a video. It’s going to be sick.’ Like, I really believe in this.”

This is the second single from Troye’s upcoming LP Something to Give Each Other, which is set to drop this October.

The singer explained that the album concept came to him after a tough break-up.

“I had a lot of friends have that conversation with me when I was going through my breakup: ‘Oh, but you know, you’re gonna be OK, and there’s so many people out there…’ It’s hard to hear it at the time, and you know, you kind of doubt it,” he recalled.

“And then I lived it, and it was this journey that took way longer than I thought it was going to, way longer than it probably should have. But I lived it, and it just felt so mind-blowing to me that they were right.

“So in a way, I almost want the album to serve as me having that conversation with everyone else as a friend being like, ‘Girl, I promise you.’”