Big Brother fans think a potential romance is blossoming between Jordan and Matty

Big Brother housemates Matty (left) and Jordan (right).

Big Brother fans are convinced that queer housemates Jordan and Matty are falling for one another after the pair were spotted in bed together.

During an episode this week (18 October), queer 25-year-old lawyer Jordan opened up to gay, 24-year-old geriatric doctor Matty about his coming out journey.

He explained that he came out to his mother on “the first night of university, screaming down the phone in the smoking area, because there was this guy that I fancied”, and he thought the person might want to get with him if he told his mother.

During the Big Brother live stream after the episode had ended, Jordan was seen talking and “flirting” with Matty in bed – despite previously explaining that he doesn’t like being touched or hugged by people in the house, as he doesn’t know them.

Fans have cottoned on to their sweet interactions, and are convinced that a romance between them could be brewing.

“Lowkey I’m into the Jordan and Matty agenda,” one person admitted on social media, while another questioned: “What is going on with Jordan and Matty? Help!”

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“I genuinely think Jordan actually fancies Matty not Henry,” a third wrote.

Throughout his time in the house, Jordan has spent the majority of the days with 25-year-old food writer Henry. The pair have repeatedly referred to one another as their “husband” and spoken of their close connection. 

However, when Henry was one of two housemates put up for eviction this week, Jordan didn’t seem to be all too bothered.

Speaking to Jordan about his unemotional reaction to being nominated, Henry said: “Everyones got their own coping mechanism.”

Jordan, clearly irritated that there was an “expectation” as to how he should feel about Henry being nominated, replied: “What do you want me to do? I’m not going to cry.

“I’ll shed a tear if it’s you who has to (be evicted). Of course I’m going to be devastated.”

Viewers of the show have noted some potential tension between Jordan, Henry and Matty, and have shared their hopes that it could turn into the Big Brother house’s first queer love triangle.

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX from Sunday to Friday.