Big Brother housemate Jordan casually confirms he’s queer

Big Brother UK housemate Jordan in his promotional photo.

Big Brother‘s Jordan has casually come out to housemates as queer, becoming the latest contestant to confirm that they’re part of the LGBTQ+ community.

The rebooted reality series welcomed 16 new housemates when it began on ITV in October and several housemates since revealed that they’re LGBTQ+ – meaning the series is one of the queerest in the show’s 23-year history.

At the beginning of the series, 18-year-old youth worker Hallie disclosed that she is a trans woman, with all of the other housemates sharing their pronouns in solidarity.

Geriatric doctor Matty told several of the house’s male residents that he is gay, opening up about his difficult experience growing up in the not very “progressive” Isle of Man.

Welsh bartender Jenkin, who was the first housemate to enter the house, revealed in his introductory video tape that he is gay.

Now, housemate Jordan has addressed his sexuality, too.

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Jordan is a 25-year-old lawyer from Scunthorpe

Hailing from Scunthorpe, 25-year-old lawyer Jordan suggested that he was driven to apply for the show by “boredom” and to be “fed and watered” by Big Brother.

“I suppose boredom made me apply, to some extent. I honestly applied on a whim,” he explained.

In his introductory tape, Jordan described himself as having a “face like a chastised backside”, and revealed that he sounds posh because he is a “huge fan of Downton Abbey“. 

Early on in the series, he left fans of the show retching after revealing that he eats his Pot Noodles with mayonnaise.

Is Big Brother housemate Jordan gay?

Big Brother housemate Jordan has spoken about his sexuality while on the show, confirming that he is in fact queer.

During a conversation with housemates Chanelle, Matty and Henry, Jordan revealed he is interested in men and women. 

“You’re straight though, are you? What’s your preference?,” asked dental therapist Chanelle, to which Jordan replied: “Best of both.”

“That’s why I know you fancy me,” Chanelle responded, before declaring that she would marry him, as “he’s a catch”.

In a later conversation, Jordan told gay housemate Matty that he is “glad to be here” and “glad to be queer”, before opening up about his coming out journey.

“I came out to my mother the first night of university, screaming down the phone in the smoking area because there was this guy that I fancied,” he explained. “And I thought for some reason, if I come out to my mother this guy will want to…”

He then began explaining that coming out to the rest of his family was less easy.

“How I came out to my grandfather was even worse. Me and my mother, well we were both a little bit tipsy, and she thought it was pertinent to call my grandfather and announce,” he said, before being interrupted by another housemate.

Big Brother continues on ITV2 at 9pm, Sunday through to Friday.