Fellow Travelers viewers react to Jonathan Bailey sucking Matt Bomer’s toes: ‘We weren’t ready’

Jonathan Bailey (left) and Matt Bomer (right) in a sex scene from Fellow Travelers

Fellow Travelers viewers have praised the new TV series for daring to go the extra mile when it comes to Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer’s sex scenes – and one scene in particular is sending the internet wild.

Based on the 2007 novel of the same name by author Thomas Mallon, Paramount+ series Fellow Travelers is a Herculean story of life in the US for LGBTQ+ people, told across four decades.

It begins in the 1950s, where President Eisenhower began a campaign to eradicate LGBTQ+ from serving in public office, and continues through to the devastating 1980s AIDS crisis that decimated hundreds of thousands of queer lives.

Wicked and Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey plays naive Catholic college grad Tim Laughlin, while The Normal Heart actor Matt Bomer is his lover; closeted State Department worker Hawkins Fuller. 

Though the show tells the story of some of the hardest times for queer people to exist in the US, many fans are hooked on Fellow Travelers for one other big reason – it’s really, really horny.

In one scene in episode one of the seven-part series, which has been described as one of many “extraordinary” sex scenes, Jonathan Bailey forcefully sucks Matt Bomer’s toes.

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The scene shows Hawkins sitting in an armchair, wearing only a shirt and his underwear. Tim perches on the chair’s arm, and lets Hawkins unbutton his shirt. 

Hawkins is heading off to a party and Tim is keen to tag along, though Hawkins wants him to show exactly how keen he is.

Fellow Travelers creator Ron Nyswaner on 'spark' between Matt Bomer (L) and Jonathan Bailey (R).
Fellow Travelers creator Ron Nyswaner on ‘spark’ between Matt Bomer (L) and Jonathan Bailey (R). (Showtime)

Heeding his request, Tim makes his way down to Hawkins’ bare feet, and begins kissing the soles. Hawkins then demands he “open up,” and before long, Tim has put his foot in his mouth – literally, not figuratively.

Hawkins moans as Tim sucks his toes, before urging him to “show [him] what [his] boy really wants”.

Cue Tim shoving his face deep into Hawkins’ crotch.

The show’s creators have been praised by viewers for going all out, and not, ahem, toeing the line when it comes to queer sex scenes.

“Ok, Fellow Travelers just exploded onto the screen and sent us all horny! We weren’t ready for Jonathan Bailey sucking Matt Bomer’s toes,” one fan on social media declared.

“Whoever wrote the scripts for this Fellow Travelers show really living out their fantasies methinks lol. Matt Bomer licking Jonathan Bailey’s pits? Jonathan sucking Matt’s toes?! Maybe I’ll finally learn about Mccarthyism,” wrote a second.

“Jonathan Bailey sucking Matt Bomer’s feet is peak horny behavior. Didn’t expect it but I love it,” exclaimed a third, very excited fan.

Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bailey chase each other on a beach in a still from Fellow Travelers.
Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer’s chemistry was so good in Fellow Travelers, it made on producer “cry”. (Showtime)

Speaking exclusively to PinkNews, Fellow Travelers creator Ron Nyswaner explained that Bailey and Bomer’s chemistry was immediate during the casting process.

“When Matt and Johnny did a chemistry read, Johnny was in London and Matt was in the United States, so they were continents apart on Zoom pretending to be sitting on a park bench next to each other. It was just obvious that we had to see these two people play these roles, [it was] self-evident,” he explained.

“They really, really, really liked each other. Matt and Jonny really [had] the spark between them as friends and there was a warmth between them they then used in their relationship as actors.”

Fellow Travelers is streaming on Paramount+ with Showtime in the US and on Paramount+ in the UK.