Gigi Gorgeous shares Brazilian butt lift ‘horror story’ of squeezing out silicon in cafe toilet

Gigi Gorgeous

Trans YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous has spilled the details of a “horror story” that saw her squeeze silicon from her illegal butt injection onto the bathroom floor of a New York City restaurant. 

The influencer, who came out for a “fourth time” as pansexual in 2021, first shared details of the incident in her May 2023 book “The T Guide: Our Trans Experiences and a Celebration of Gender Expression — Man, Woman, Nonbinary and Beyond.”

But taking to YouTube she opened up even more about the “horror story”, saying that was previously filled with “shame and “embarrassment” over it, but went ahead with the injections in want of a “more hourglass, voluptuous” figure.

Gorgeous’ Brazilian butt lift saw her receive a combination of liposuction and fat transfer into her rear. 

She said on reflection she “seriously, seriously regret[s]” undergoing the “scary” procedure because it can cause “major health effects” and even “kill you.”

The 31-year-old said in around 2014 or 2015 she had “experimented with silicon injections, which she said are “less expensive” but “a lot more dangerous”. 

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She experimented with the injections due to a “personal trainer” called Lisa, who she said “she trusted” and who would throw “pumping parties” to administer the “ass shots” at hotels. 

Gorgeous described, in the moment, thinking the parties were “so fun, so feminine” and so she flew from Canada to New York, taking out about $500 to $600 in case to meet Lisa at a room in a midtown Manhattan hotel. 

Lisa attended with a glass water bottle filled with the substance she would inject Gorgeous with. 

The YouTuber said the moment remains “burned, scalded, seared, scorched into [her] memory” as Lisa administered the shot with a “shockingly thick needle” and without any numbing. Her friend held her arm “coaching” her through the pain, she recalls. 

“There was no rhyme or reason to how she injected. There was no dots or symmetry or anything. It was literally her just going ham at it.” 

She said Lisa closed the injection holes with Super Glue and Band-Aids.

After, she and her friend went to a place called Cafeteria to celebrate, where, while in the toilet, she asked herself “what did I just do?” 

“So then I proceeded to take all the Band-Aids off, rub all the Krazy Glue off of my skin and start squeezing the silicone out. It’s going all down the seat, all down the toilet, on the floor.”

She said she “got what she [could] out and left the bathroom with silicone on the floor” and then returned to the table

But the ordeal didn’t stop her seeing Lisa again, until she noticed a “huge” lump on her right thigh. The lump eventually went away and she chose to build her bum at the gym instead of via injections. 

In January 2021, millionaire model, actor and socialite Nats Getty, who married Gorgeous in 2019, came out as transgender non-binary, posting a topless photo with wife on Instagram.