Dan Wootton replaced on GB News ‘until further notice’

Dan Wootton in the GB News studio smiling.

Dan Wootton has been replaced as a presenter on GB News “until further notice”, following his suspension earlier in the year. 

The TV show host was suspended by the right-wing channel in September after a sexist rant by Laurence Fox – who was also suspended and later fired – aimed at journalist Ava Evans was broadcast live on air, while Wootton smiled and laughed.  

During the segment, referring to Evans, Fox asked: “Who would want to shag that?” adding, in his view, “No self-respecting man [would] climb into bed” with her.” 

Dan Wootton Tonight was pulled from the schedule and an internal investigation launched.

At the same time, Wootton was also being investigated by MailOnline and was subsequently fired

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In a post on X, previously known as Twitter, GB News’ head of programming, Ben Briscoe, said that Patrick Christys would be taking over the 9pm to 11pm slot, effectively replacing Wootton’s show. 

Christys took to X following the announcement and wrote: “Thank you to all the wonderful viewers and listeners that have made my time at @GBNEWS so magical. I will be doing the 9-11pm show, Patrick Christys Tonight, until further notice. I can promise you that I will give it my all.”

In a statement shared with the Express, Briscoe said: “Patrick is the ultimate people’s champion for the people’s channel.

“He’s authentic, entertaining, relatable and a sharp journalist who can hold any interviewee to account.”

Wootton denies allegations 

It has been a controversial few months for New Zealand-born presenter and journalist Wootton.

In July, Byline Times published a string of allegations against him, made by his former colleagues at The Sun, where Wootton worked between 2014 and 2012, and by ex-partner Alex Truby.

The allegations followed a three-year investigation into Wootton’s alleged behaviour over the past decade, including claims that he used a fake identity to trick men into providing him with sexual material. 

The presenter denies the allegations and stated on GB News that he was being smeared.

At the time, he claimed: “These past few days, I have been the target of a smear campaign by nefarious players with an axe to grind.” 

However, News UK – which publishes The Sun – and DMG Media, the owners of MailOnline, launched investigations into Wootton’s behaviour.

Following the media controversy surrounding Fox’s comments, Ofcom announced its own investigation into Wootton’s on-air conduct, having received thousands of complaints from viewers.