GB News’ Shaun Bailey doubles down on ‘sexist’ Carol Vorderman attack

Shaun Bailey

Shaun Bailey has doubled down on his comments about Carol Vorderman, labelling her the “number one bully in the country” in a second GB News rant as the #SexistShaun row rumbles on. 

A former London mayoral contender and Conservative peer, Bailey was widely condemned on social media for misogyny after he questioned Vorderman’s political credentials because of her glamorous appearance. 

“On one hand, she’s a serious political commentator, and then if you look at her Instagram, it’s all pictures of her bum and her boobs. What is it? She can’t be both,” he said during the original GB News segment. 

Following the backlash, Bailey issued a statement saying he used a “clumsy form of words”. Voderman responded calling his statement “not an apology” and pathetic.  

In a new appearance on the divisive television channel on Thursday (4 January), Bailey once again stoked the flames and hit out at Vorderman – labelling the former BBC host a “bully”. 

“Did I express myself in a clumsy way? Of course I did. But the point stands,” he told Patrick Christys during the 9pm slot.  

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“She is a glitzy, positive celebrity – as her Instagram would show. If you go on her Twitter, she is a bully.

“She has pursued people. She organises pile-ons that create great vitriol and hate.

“The amount of racist abuse I have received as a result has been incredible.”

Christys went on to ask if Bailey would apologise for the comments he made specifically regarding Vorderman’s physical appearance. 

“No,” he replied, before continuing: “Yes, I was clumsy, but I was trying to make the point that we are in a country now where we are at each other’s throats.

“She is a chief architect of that.”

This is not the first time GB News has been at the centre of a sexism storm. 

In October, the right-wing channel fired Laurence Fox and Calvin Robinson in the wake of misogynist comments Fox made on air in reference to journalist Ava Evans. 

Fox was suspended from the channel after he made a series of offensive comments about Evans, who is the political correspondent for online news platform Joe, during a segment on Dan Wootton Tonight.

The former actor said no “self-respecting man [would] climb into bed with that woman, ever”, adding the only ones who would have sex with her would be a “cucked little incel”. 

Following the outrage over the vile comments, Wootton’s show was pulled from air and an internal investigation launched.

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