Doja Cat trolls fans claiming she has been cloned in new series of Instagram posts

A split image of Doja Cat

Doja Cat is trolling her fans again, after posting a series of puzzling Instagram videos in which she jokes that she’s a clone.

In a set of clips published to her routinely chaotic Instagram account on Monday (13 November), the singer jokingly contradicted herself by saying “it’s me” but also that it wasn’t her.

“What is up, you guys? It’s me and I am just tuning in with you right now, just letting you know that it’s me,” she said in the first clip. “As far as I know, it’s literally me.

“So, uh, if you guys are ever curious about what’s going on, you know, stay tuned, um, to me because me is me and, uh, it’s me tonight.

“It’s also gonna be me tomorrow, it’s gonna be me next week, so any time you are curious about when it’s gonna be me tonight and tomorrow, so thank you so much for tuning in and stay tuned for the rest because it’s going to be really big deal.”

In an immediate follow-up post, the “Paint the Town Red singer joked that the previous video was actually not her, while pretending to panic, saying: “You guys, it’s not me.” She then burst into laughter.

“It is not me, it’s literally a, uh, an imposter. You guys, do not believe whatever that was… it was someone else,” she said while trying not to laugh.

Doja Cat has a history of teasing her fans in Instagram posts, but has also received criticism for a number of her actions.

She was widely condemned and accused of homophobia after she used the word “f****t” in response to a tweet about fellow rappers Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt.

After the post was unearthed in 2018, she initially refused to apologise, saying she was “in high school” and has “said f****t roughly 15,000 times in my life”.

She went on: “Do I hate gay people? I don’t think I hate gay people. Gay is OK.”

She then deleted the initial tweet and responded with an apology, which she also deleted, along with the rest of her posts.

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