Doja Cat fans troll religious protestors who bombarded concert

Doja Cat has opened her tour and this is the setlist.

Doja Cat fans have confronted a group of religious protestors outside her concert – by twerking at them.

When protestors, holding signs that read “Seek Jesus”, gathered outside the concert venue in San Francisco on 31 October, fans responded by laughing and twerking in front of them.

A video shot outside the Chase Centre arena – home to the Golden State Warriors basketball team – showed the group waving signs and preaching to people as they left the concert.

According to fans, the protestors may not have specifically singled out rapper Doja Cat, but instead had been seen picketing several artists in the area. 

“Before y’all blow stuff outta proportion… these people be at every artist show, not just Doja’s,” one commenter claimed.

The singer has previously been criticised by religious groups because of her satanic-looking imagery in videos for tracks like “Demons” – which featured Wednesday star Christina Ricci fighting off a terrifying-looking Doja Cat dressed as a demon – and “Paint the Town Red”. 

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But supporters explained the nuance behind the satanic imagery, claiming that the motifs are a symbol of empowerment. 

One fan wrote: “This song isn’t about the devil, it’s a sense of defiance and empowerment in the face of adversity, represented by the metaphorical concept of ‘demons’.

“Doja Cat asks how her demons look, suggesting that she’s unafraid of them.”

Religious groups were similarly outraged when the star showed off some of her latest tattoos, a large bat skeleton on her back, and a piece of artwork from Fortunio Liceti’s De Monstris, which some have described as demonic. 

After several fans said they would be unfollowing the musician because of the tattoo, she simply replied: “Whatever [helps] you sleep at night.”

She followed the comment up by posting several Liceti illustrations on Instagram, saying: “Your fear is not my problem.”