Drake ‘bisexual’ lyric on ‘Members Only’ track sparks online fan frenzy

Drake looking confused.

Fans have gone into full conspiracy mode after Canadian rapper Drake dropped a hint he might be bisexual.

The theory started after fans noticed a lyric on the 14th track of the artist’s eighth studio album For All the Dogs, released last month.

On the track “Members Only“, Drake sings: “Feel like I’m bi ’cause you’re one of the guys, girl.”

The artist clearly confirms that the line is a joke in the next lyric, stating: “All jokes aside, you gon’ wake up the whole east side,” but some have theorised that the singer is hinting about his sexuality.

Considering the song is predominantly about exploring intimate and exclusive relationships and Drake’s close connection to a woman, the line could mean that he feels she is one of the group, or one of “the boys.”

If Drake’s lyrics are to be taken at face value, this wouldn’t be the first time the artist has “come out” in his lyrics – although previous comments didn’t go down well with LGBTQ+ listeners.

On the track Girls Want Girls, the artist says in the chorus: “Yeah, talkin’ all the s**t that you done been through. Yeah, say that you a lesbian, girl, me too.”

The line sparked a backlash from fans who accused him of fetishising lesbian relationships.

“I know this is a joke but I hate that line so much,” one person wrote on social media. “It’s disgraceful and it makes me mad how often it’s played on the radio.”

“Another said: Day 638405 of a cis-het man sexualising lesbians.”

Drake also had a pretty jarring and arguably out-of-touch reaction after he was insulted for wearing pink nail polish and earrings, claiming that the world was being “homophobic.

After rapper Lil Yachty commented that he had “them heavy hangers in his ear,” Drake responded with: “Get out my comments. You told me to paint my nails so I stop biting them and now the world is being homophobic for the first time since Rich Flex [a previous album, released last year]which wasn’t that long ago now that I think about it.

“Wait is the world homophobic? Smh,” he continued.

Whether said jokingly or not, the comment was criticised for trivialising the very real danger LGBTQ+ people face on a daily basis.