Fox News rages over LGBTQ-friendly Target Christmas products

Riley Gaines during a Fox News broadcast.

Fox News hosts are handling Target’s inclusive Christmas merchandise about as well as you might expect.

During an episode of Jesse Watters Primetime on Thursday (16 November), the political pundit berated a set of inclusive Christmas ornaments alongside fellow right-winger and anti-trans swimmer, Riley Gaines.

“Gay Nutcracker and wheelchair Santa might be the only items in Target that don’t get looted,” Watters said.

The US-based retail chain has received heavy backlash due to its newly announced merchandise, which includes a Pride Christmas Nutcracker and a Santa Claus figurine in a wheelchair.

“Why do they keep pushing this? Who are they trying to appeal to?” Gaines said of the retail chain’s historically profitable Christmas line-up.

“Despite what the media portrays or how politicians are voting, this doesn’t represent the overwhelming majority of this country, really how the world, feels on this issue.”

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Indeed, the public, in fact, isn’t aligned with the anti-LGBTQ+ politicians who are voting on the wave of legislative attacks against the community.

Data from a survey by Fox News itself revealed that 83 per cent of US voters view political attacks against trans children negatively, with 57 per cent seeing it as a “major problem.”

Instead, US voters care much more about the issues that affect them on a daily basis, including the job market, the economy, inflation, and the cost of living.

Only one per cent of US voters think issues around trans inclusion are a significant issue to the country.

Despite the overwhelming evidence reported by her own workplace, Gaines continued to pretend that voters cared about some items on a shelf, claiming Target “banned” the word “Christmas” from its products in 2005.

This is not true. Target made efforts to mitigate the word in 2005, but it did not ban the word from stores and it was, in fact, used on multiple Target ads.

Watters then said that he didn’t have “anything against Black Santa of disabled Santas,” but asked, “why do you think Target is selling this type of merch?”