Married at First Sight’s JJ Slater suffered homophobic abuse for Ella Morgan Clark romance

Married At First Sight UK Ella and JJ

Married at First Sight star JJ Slater has revealed the homophobic abuse he was subjected to during his TV romance with trans bride Ella Morgan Clark.

In an interview with the MailOnline, Slater said he defines his sexuality as straight, despite what people claim on social media, and only ever saw Clark as a woman. He also revealed that they didn’t have sex because the show was already “intense” enough.

“I am a liberal, open-minded person, and a straight man. I have only ever been with women, and I see Ella as a woman,” he said.

During the show, clothing brand owner Slater was forced to defend the blossoming relationship, following online comments branding him bisexual for dating Clark. 

Slater, from Essex, said the reaction from “uneducated” trolls saddened him and he hopes Clark’s participation in the show will change the “narrow-minded” views of the minority of the public. 

He didn’t understand why people would have an issue with him dating her. 

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“I got emotional during the final vows because Ella thanked me for accepting her but that shows what she has been through, she shouldn’t have to say that… I don’t have to thank anybody for accepting me… I really value her.”

The TV star called out TikTok as the worst place for harassment, saying: “Questions about my sexuality did arise, some trolls were saying that I’m gay. They’re not nice and they’re not easy comments to deal with.

“I know who I am and people who know me, know who I am. A lot of the public understand, [they] aren’t small-minded, are more liberal, [and] know that Ella is a woman and therefore I’m a straight guy.” 

However, a number of viewers tried to push the reality star to provoke a reaction on TikTok, he added

“A lot of people are uneducated, and Ella has helped educate so many people, me included.

“Ella is the first trans person I’ve ever met… the whole time I was just trying to follow my heart and be kind along the way.” 

During the finals vows stage of the show, the couple agreed that their relationship had broken down, following arguments, but the pair remain good friends. 

Slater said he is not yet ready to date again but, when he is back on the market, will look outside his “usual type”, which he describes as someone who has had cosmetic surgery.

Other cast members of Married at First Sight also stood in solidarity against the transphobic abuse Clark faced, calling out the hate on social media. 

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