Married At First Sight’s Ella Morgan ‘blindsided’ by news of her ex hanging out with Katie Price

Ella Morgan, JJ Slater, Katie Price

Ella Morgan’s ex JJ Slater has reportedly gone ‘Instagram official’ with media personality Katie Price, with a source saying that Morgan feels “betrayed” and “blindsided” by the relationship.

Morgan and Slater met while on E4’s Married At First Sight but were not originally coupled up. Ella Morgan made history as the first transgender bride to appear on Married At First Sight, with Morgan previously saying that it was “so much more” than just getting married and was “a big deal for someone who has transitioned“.

Ella Morgan’s run on the show was explosive, to say the last. Both she and Slater cheated on their respective spouses, and were later coupled up on the show, but decided to break up during the grand finale.

The pair have since moved on as friends, with Morgan remaining single and Slater linked to media personality and model Katie Price in recent weeks – ahead of an explosive Married At First Sight 2023 cast reunion special, set to air today (26 February).

JJ Slater and Katie Price were spotted in Newcastle in February, with the latter posting a picture of the two on her Instagram grid yesterday.

In the caption, Price wrote: “They say things happen for a reason, the unexpected happened. Fate. Ticks every box. @johnjoeslater you have prove to me you are a real gentleman and completely except me for me.”

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Slater, whose real name is John Joe but goes by JJ, commented in response: “Fate… thank you so much for being you.”

The couple’s loved-up posts seem to have struck a nerve with Slater’s ex Ella Morgan, who shared a quote on her Instagram story that read: “You remained genuine in a world obsessed with facades. That’s strength.”

A source previously told The Sun that Morgan is “fuming” and feels “betrayed” by Price over their relationship.

“Ella and Katie have become friends over recent months, so it surprised her that Katie would do that. She doesn’t have any feelings for JJ, she’s just livid that Katie went behind her back and broke girl code,” the source continued.

Fellow Married At First Sight star Tasha Jay spoke out about the blossoming relationship between Price and Slater, appearing to defend Morgan.

Speaking on FUBAR radio, Jay said: “Katie reached out to Ella before Katie had met JJ. Katie was so lovely to Ella and so supportive and giving her so many compliments, just being a genuine person.

“Then next thing you know she’s got her sloppy seconds. She’s not heartbroken and crying into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s but it was a bit of a kick in the teeth at first. It’s early days and they’re talking about babies and stuff now apparently so I’m just a bit confused.”

Slater is said to be the first man Price has been interested in since breaking it off with former fiancé Carl Woods after four years, and Price has already introduced Slater to her kids.

Slater had to defend his relationship with Ella Morgan in the past after receiving homophobic and transphobic abuse from people on social media due to him dating a trans woman.

The Married At First Sight reunion special dropped its first look trailer recently, teasing more intense drama between the 2023 cast. Ella Morgan is set to return, however JJ Slater will not be returning in the Married at First Sight UK: Reunion Special, which is set to air on Monday 26th February at 9.30pm.