The Blessed Madonna ‘repulsed’ by Rishi Sunak using their song: ‘I’d rather hear my own death rattle’

The Blessed Madonna and Rishi Sunak

DJ and producer The Blessed Madonna has hit out at Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after he used one of their songs in an Instagram post.

The American musician, who is non-binary, took to social media on Saturday (25 November) to give Sunak what for after learning that he had used their song in an Instagram Reel.

The Instagram Reel, posted to Sunak’s Instagram on Saturday, saw the Tory leader visiting Nissan factories in Sunderland, and meeting with the likes of Jeremy Hunt, David Cameron, and King Charles. 

The video, seemingly trying to prove that Sunak is still down with the kids, is captioned: “We go again”, and is accompanied by the song “We’ve Lost Dancing” by Fred again… and The Blessed Madonna.

There are plenty of reasons why someone like The Blessed Madonna might take issue with Rishi Sunak, and him involving their music in any way.

For one thing, Sunak doesn’t have the best history with LGBTQ+ Brits – from his ongoing failure to ban conversion therapy to his blatantly open disdain toward the transgender community.

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For another, The Blessed Madonna is one of over 4,000 musicians to sign a letter demanding ceasefire in Gaza, as the Palestinian death toll from Israeli attacks rises to 14,854, while Rishi Sunak has avoided directly calling for a ceasefire.

Similarly, The Blessed Madonna is an ambassador for Choose Love, and regularly uses her platform to draw attention to refugees who have been displaced from their homes, while Sunak has told MPs that he would do “whatever it takes” to “stop the boats” and keep asylum seekers from entering the UK.

The Blessed Madonna let Rishi Sunak know exactly what they thought of him using their song. (Zenhofer)

The Blessed Madonna, real name Marea Stamper, was less than pleased with their involvement in Sunak’s post, and took to both Instagram and X to let him know how they felt.

“It’s been pointed out to me that Rishi Sunak has used ‘We’ve Lost Dancing’ on an Instagram post,” they wrote.

“I just want to say, for the record, I’d rather hear my own death rattle echoing in my ears, as I plunge happily into the void than hear the sound of my voice in an ad for the Tories.

Writing the same thing as a comment under the prime minister’s Instagram Reel, they added: “What comes next is an election.”

Elsewhere in the comment section of Sunak’s Instagram post, one user tagged both The Blessed Madonna and Fred again… and asked: “You ok with this, out of interest?”

The Blessed Madonna made their feelings crystal clear by replying: “I am absolutely repulsed by this.”

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