Nigel Farage accused of using his Cameo account to spread homophobia and racism

Nigel Farage speaking at an event.

Former UKIP and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage used his Cameo account to openly spread homophobia and racism through recorded messages, a newspaper investigation has claimed.

According to Byline Times, Farage told a gay NHS worker they would “get n*g d*ck for Christmas” in a message branded “racist, homophobic and ableist” by its recipient. 

A recent survey revealed that 57 per cent of Britons have an unfavourable view of Farage, who charged about £75 for the recording, which also featured a slur about a mental-health condition, it is alleged. 

Cameo enables people to purchase personalised video messages from their favourite celebrities. 

The message was reportedly sent on 23 December, 2021, to a male health worker who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and identifies as gay. 

“It was racist, homophobic and ableist. It was deeply offensive. Mr Farage does not know me. I was shocked to see him revelling in it. I could have been anyone,” the man said.

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“What if I had been 15 years old and struggling to come to terms with my sexuality? These words have real impact.”

The report claims Farage had been warned five months earlier that the man who paid for the recording supported “the enforced deportation of Britons, incarceration and sterilisation based on skin colour” and the establishment of an “ethno-state”.

In the 34-second clip, Farage says: “A message from [name], delivered by me Nigel Farage. You are a bit of an old loser. I diagnose you with ‘ID*D’, yes Intelligence deficit [name] disorder’.

“I’ve been sipping martinis on the beach with the money from all these videos, which is absolutely marvellous. It’s really great that I am being paid… to insult you.

“That’s what [name] wanted me to do and I don’t find it difficult after all my years in the European parliament.

“Meanwhile, you will get n*g dick for Christmas.”

Farage, who is reportedly being paid £1.5 million (approximately $1.9 million) to appear on ITV’s reality show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, has reportedly recorded more than 4,000 Cameos since March 2021. 

His account, which has been made “temporarily unavailable” while he’s in the jungle, describes himself as “they call me Mr Brexit… some people say I am controversial, and I couldn’t care less”. 

According to Byline Times, this is the second time Farage has accepted money to record an abusive message aimed at the same NHS worker through the platform. 

In July 2021, a message in which he used the phrase “paper-thin snowflake”, was removed from public view after a complaint. Cameo investigated the incident following the recipient feeling “harassed” and made a private apology. 

The recipient claimed that young people he was working with, and who were expressing racist views, paid Farage for the videos. 

PinkNews has contacted Nigel Farage for comment.

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