Ella is a bisexual, disabled queen

Ella is a bisexual disabled influencer who uses social media to highlight her experiences of dating, and stresses that being disabled can be sexy and unique.

“Just because I’m disabled and I have a frame wrapped around me, doesn’t mean I can’t date,” she says.

Ella was injured in a horse-riding accident when she was 11, and lives with dystonia: an “incurable neurological condition that affects the signals, muscles and nerves in the brain and all over the body,” causing tremors, brain fog, loss of movement and feeling, and a curling of the body.

It hasn’t been easy for her. She’s experienced some hateful comments online from misinformed people who accused her of being an attention seeker.

“Just because you’ve never heard of it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real,” she adds.

Coming out as bisexual happened “very slowly” in Ella’s case.

“It wasn’t wham, bam, thank you ma’am,” she laughs. “I like women and, yes, I like men, and I am proud enough to admit that, I’m proud enough to own that and speak about it.”

Before she realised her sexuality, she used to think that women were “good looking” but “in a different way” to her friends.

“Dating is hard work because I’m legless, I’m disabled, but also I’ve got an added stress which is being bisexual – and it shouldn’t be like that.

“Being disabled brings abilities, being disabled brings love. I found my confidence in [a] vulnerable state when I was in hospital not long ago, and I thought to myself ‘this is me’.

“My scars tell a million stories. I have acne, I have pale skin, I am me. Being disabled can be sexy and unique, and loving yourself is the best thing.”

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