Bella Ramsey creating ‘scary’ film they’ve been writing since the age of 14

Bella Ramsey talks new feature film project about eating disorder.

The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey has revealed details of the “spooky” eating disorder film they have been creating for five years.

Ramsey has taken the TV industry by storm this year with their Golden-Globe-nominated role as Ellie in The Last of Us and acclaimed appearance in BBC prison drama series Time. The star also made it on to the 2023 BAFTA Breakthrough list, which acknowledged their contribution to the industry so early in their career.

But stellar acting is not the only skill the genderfluid star is hoping to flex in the coming years. In an interview with Attitude magazine, they talked about the feature film they have been working on, with hopes of having it finally come to the big screen.

“I started writing it when I was 14,” Ramsey said. “It centres around mental health. But I don’t want it to be ‘this is a mental-health movie’. That’s the balancing act I’m working on. It’s a bit scary.

Bella Ramsey in a still from prison drama TIME.
Bella Ramsey starred in the BBC prison drama Time. (BBC)

“I think mental health can often be quite scary. It centres around this girl with an eating disorder, and it’s done in an interesting, slightly spooky way.”

The film is “something I want to make in a few years, when I have time,” they added. They even hope to direct it.

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In the meantime, Ramsey has plenty of projects on the go, including a starring role in period drama Monstrous Beauty and gearing up for the second season of The Last of Us, opposite Pedro Pascal.

In an exclusive interview with PinkNews last month, Ramsey reflected on the lesbian romance their character will enjoy during season two.

“I’m really excited. Actually, the first time I’d ever heard of The Last of Us was a PinkNews article,” they said. “This was before the show, before I even got the audition. [The article was] saying it was the first lesbian kiss in a video game.”

And they “can’t wait” to bring the storyline to life adding that: “It’s gonna be a lot of fun.”