Hot Octopuss launches special edition of its toy that delivers the ‘perfect’ orgasm

Hot Octopuss launches special edition of its toy that delivers the 'perfect' orgasm

Hot Octopuss has launched a limited edition of one of its hugely popular sex toys.

They’ve dropped a new ‘Dragon Eye’ version of the Pulse Solo Essential – a hands free masturbator for people with penises.

It’s now available to shop for a limited time on the Hot Octopuss website.

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The sexual wellness brand is celebrating the 10th anniversary “of the toy that started the Hot Octopuss journey”.

They said: “We started with an idea for a hands-free penis toy and ten years later we’ve sold two million.”

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The new version is encased in a iridescent, turquoise shell to “make it look absolutely fabulous and fierce for the 10 year anniversary”.

Pulse Solo Essential
The new Pulse Solo Essential features a colour-changing design. (Hot Octopuss)

The Pulse Solo Essential brings science to sex tech, as their toys are based on medical technology to deliver a “perfect” orgasm over and over again.

The entire Pulse range was developed with scientific Pulse Plate Technology that was originally present in medical devices.

The tech was designed to help those with spinal-cord injuries to ejaculate so that they could have children.

“At Hot Octopuss we know sex isn’t just for making babies and we wanted to harness that tech to bring intense orgasms,” the brand said.

You can find out more about the Pulse Solo Essential: Dragon Eye and what customers are saying, below.

What are its key features?

The Pulse Solo Essential is hands-free so you can orgasm using its powerful oscillations and vibrations.

There’s nine speed modes and six pattern setting to choose from, so you can mix it up each time. It’s also been designed to work on flaccid penises to achieve orgasm due to frenulum stimulation for users who have erectile dysfunction.

Plus its 100 percent waterproof so you can use it in the shower and its easy to clean up after use using water. The Pulse Solo Essential is also easy to recharge via USB and comes with a handy travel pouch.

What do the reviews say?

The product has more than 100 reviews with an average rating of four stars.

One positive review said: “I’ve now had mine for many rounds of pleasuring myself and with my partner, and I’ve found different ways to reach climax from this vibrator – slowly, or quickly.”

Another said it was “better than” their expectations, saying it’s a “different type of orgasm but powerful”.

In mixed reviews some users said that it runs out of charge quickly, with one saying: “Battery dies quick but when it’s charged it works like an explosion”.

Who are Hot Octopuss?

They say: “We started this passion project with a desire to make sex toys that would blow people’s minds and make pleasure better for everyone. Tired of the lack of imagination in the sex toy industry, we took on the task of reinventing it.”

“In 2013, we were two best friends, on a mission to break down stigma and change the way people perceive and experience sex toys. We didn’t follow the rule book, in fact, we didn’t even read it,” the pair add.

“And we passionately believe it’s our rebellious imagination that has led us to where we are today. Still two best friends. But now with an award-winning sex toy company that helps thousands of people find a pleasure they never thought possible.”

To shop all of their products including the limited edition Pulse Solo Essential: Dragon Eye, head to

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