Dylan Mulvaney shows off new passport that matches her gender identity

Dylan Mulvaney with a choppy blonde bob and black and white top smiling at the camera.

Dylan Mulvaney is ringing in the new year with a brand new passport to match her gender identity and her famous followers are celebrating with her.

After a rollercoaster 2023, the TikTok star announced that she’s starting off 2024 on the right foot and conquering the airport – a place that had seemed “daunting” when she held her old passport.

Mulvaney, who created the “Days of Girlhood” TikTok series, showed off her new passport to Instagram, complete with a stunning new picture and a gender marker that reads “F” for female.

It was accompanied by a snippet of an essay that she had written for Porter Magazine about her previous discomfort in airports.

Dylan Mulvaney with blonde hair, wearing a black choker and strap top.
Dylan Mulvaney has a brand new passport to match her gender identity. (Getty/Emma McIntyre)

“The TSA step-through scan is my worst enemy, and often I have to whisper into the officer’s ear, ‘Um, I’m trans’,” she explains in the essay.

“Has this TSA officer seen my videos? Do they believe trans people exist? Once I make it through security, I pull my face mask up and race through the terminal.”

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Looking forward to the year ahead, she writes: “There’s no way I’ll have the time or energy to complete all the goals I have in this lifetime if I’m wasting it trying to please the critics and the keyboard warriors and the TSA security agent.”

Now, Mulvaney is one step closer on her journey to stop people-pleasing, no longer needing to fear the TSA and what they might think of her when they see her passport at the security gates.

“I just got my gender marker and photo changed on my passport, so now the airport should be a little less daunting in 2024,” her essay concludes.

“I hope everything will be less daunting. I hope that love pours over the hate and, most importantly, that the majority of the love comes from within. Because, really, the only person I need to please is myself.”

Mulvaney was flooded with congratulatory comments from her followers and famous friends.

One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush commented: “All of this. Love love love.”

Meanwhile, trans model Madison Werner celebrated: “That’s my girl!”

Dylan Mulvaney pictured at a red carpet event infront of a Variety sign.
Dylan Mulvaney was congratulated by fans and famous faces on her new passport. (Getty)

Other celebrities who liked and commented on Mulvaney’s exciting update included comedian Chelsea Handler, Real Housewives star Sutton Stracke, and Queer Eye stars Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Poroswki.

Meanwhile, other followers couldn’t deal with how perfect the social media influencer’s passport photo was.

“You have the only pretty passport photo ever,” raved one adoring fan.

“We found it, y’all. We’ve found the only person to ever look good in their ID picture,” another gushed.

Just before Christmas, Mulvaney was named in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list as one of the most influential social media figures in the world.

Speaking to the magazine about her sudden skyrocket to fame in 2023 – and the controversy that followed – Mulvaney admitted that she never intended on becoming a spokesperson fro the transgender community, but hopes to do the role justice all the same.

She told the publication: “I just ask for grace as I’m learning so many things in navigating this, not only transness but also this newfound success. It’s happened really fast.”