What is a ‘trad wife’? The conservative social media movement explained

The term “trad-wife” refers to a new movement on social media that describes a woman who takes a submissive role to their husband.

Many of these women take a regressive stance about female roles and are anti-choice when it comes to abortion.

Trad wives believe in the importance of home-making, distinct and separate gender roles and a patriarchal marriage. 

Sarah Therese is one example of a beauty influencer turned Christian trad wife content creator. And as well as fans, she also has furious critics.

“I think abortion is totally wrong,” she outlined in one video. “I don’t think it should ever be an option and I think any time that you are killing a baby, it’s not right. It’s purely evil.”

The content creator recently donned a glitzy ball gown and attended a pro-life event in California alongside other mothers, and the comments section of her Instagram was met with fury. 

“A young stay-at-home mum of five from an affluent place that is ‘pro-life’. What a first world opinion,” one critic wrote.

A few years ago, Therese shaved her hair and subsequently posted a video on YouTube entitled: “I’m not gay.”

“I remember when she posted a video disgusted that some women were attracted to her,” one comment read.

Elsewhere, a Reddit thread has been created of anti-choice beauty creators, including @allieglines and @RachhLoves. Whilst Glines is Mormon, she has never explicitly confirmed that she is pro-life, but an ex-Mormon wrote in the thread that “if you’re Mormon you’re anti-choice. Period.”

Meanwhile, on X, @RachhLoves lost followers en masse after she publicly declared that she was a “pro-life feminist”, whilst beauty guru turned stay-at-home mum Hannah Neeleman has been criticised online for the nuclear family image she portrays.

Her “husband’s dad owns Jet Blue. So with that kind of money it feels like they are “larping” a humble earthy lifestyle almost,” one critic wrote.

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