Jacob Elordi believed height could hinder his career

It's hard to believe that the Saltburn star ever thought his career wouldn't pan out. (MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Jacob Elordi has said that he was worried that his height could prevent him from a successful career in film and TV. 

It’s hard to believe that the successful Australian actor, famous for his most recent role in the psychological thriller Saltburn, was ever worried about his career not panning out.

He first captured hearts in the 2018 Netflix high school flick The Kissing Booth, before appearing in the HBO drama series Euphoria (2019), and has since gone on to play the iconic role of Elvis Presley in the recent romance/musical drama Priscila.

Director Sofia Coppola recalled how his stature, as well as his sharp jawline, garnered the attention of everyone at their first meeting. “There were some girls there – and you could just feel them all turn to him,” she recalled to GQ Magazine of their initial talk in a restaurant in LA. “I mean, he’s striking – so tall. He just has a charisma; he has an effect on women that I imagine was similar to Elvis.”

Jacob Elordi was worried that his height would prevent him from a successful film and TV career. ( Variety/Getty)
Jacob Elordi was worried that his height would prevent him from a successful film and TV career. ( Variety/Getty)

And her casting decision has clearly paid off. Elordi has already achieved countless words of praise for his rendition of The King. “It’s a star-making turn, one that certainly deserves awards recognition, as does Elordi’s turn as Elvis,” said ScreenRant in their review.

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But when the 26-year-old was first finding his footing in the industry, he recalled that he was embarrassed to reveal his real height to casting directors. “I used to be so sensitive about my height,” he said in a 2020 video interview with GQ. “Because when I first started acting, literally everybody would tell me that I’d never work because they wouldn’t be able to partner me with people, and they wouldn’t lift the camera up high enough.”

He continued, adding: “I basically got told that I was too tall to be an actor… I was super nervous about telling people my height. I used to try and pass for 6ft 2in or 6ft 3in.”

How tall is Jacob Elordi? 

Despite his previous worries about his height, Elordi is now loud and proud about his true stature, which is 6ft 5in. 

“Online there’s all different kinds of numbers,” he said in the same interview. “I’ve just sold myself out. Just because people hear 6’5″ and they go like ‘you’re a giant’ but if I stand next to someone who’s 6’3″, the difference is tiny.”

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