Young Royals: Netflix drops season three teaser featuring Prince Wilhelm’s return to school

Young Royals season three's Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) Simon Eriksson (Omar Rudberg)

Netflix has dropped a teaser for the final season of Young Royals, in which Prince Wilhelm makes a return to Hillerska. 

Season there of the teen drama, created by Swedish showrunner Lisa Ambjörn, will tell the conclusion of Wilhelm, played by Edvin Ryding, and Simon’s (Omar Rudberg) love story.

In a clip posted to X/Twitter on Thursday (18 January), Netflix teased an insight into coming storylines. 

Captioned “All eyes are on Wilhelm and Simon. Here’s your first proper look at Young Royals S3, coming this March,” the clip begins with a group of girls chatting about the approach of graduation. 

Wilhelm then sends a text to Felice, his former flame, announcing he is “coming back today”, to which she responds: “I’ve missed you”. 

The group of girls wonder if he and Simon will be an official couple upon his return to the posh boarding school.

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As Wilhelm sits in the back of a car, peering out of the window anxiously, he seems to be wondering the same, but fans will need to tune in to see if the pair have a future together. 

Following season two hitting screens, Ryding told PinkNews why his character is empowered through not labelling their sexuality. 

“Although he’s unsure of what he wants, he knows he enjoys spending time with Simon and it doesn’t matter that he is a boy, that’s not the thing itself,” the star said.

“For him, it’s just fine being unlabelled and I think [it’s] important to show the audience that you can be unlabelled.”