Here’s when Young Royals’ last-ever episode arrives on Netflix

Young Royals season three's Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) Simon Eriksson (Omar Rudberg)

It’s time to find out whether Wilhelm and Simon will get their happy ever after, as the episode six of Young Royals season three – the show’s last-ever episode – lands on Netflix.

Fans are expecting the final episode to address the major cliffhanger that came at the end of season three episode five, which dropped last week.

In the most recent episode, the relationship between Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) and fellow Hillerska student Simon Eriksson (Omar Rudber) began to fall apart at the seams, as Wilhelm lashed out at his family.

Wille spent much of the episode gradually growing more frustrated: first, his rival August (Malte Gårdinger) delighted in telling him that his late brother, Prince Erik (Ivar Forslin), was involved in homophobic hazing rituals during his time at Hillerska.

Then, Wille felt his deceased brother was being judged by Simon for his bigoted actions, before August arrived at Wille’s birthday celebrations to rub him the wrong way even more.

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The episode came to a head when, at his party, Wille watched his parents (Pernilla August and Magnus Roosmann) further discussing Erik with Simon. He erupted with fury and screamed at them both, before trashing his birthday presents and storming out the room.

Though Wille later tried to apologise to Simon for what he had to witness, it appeared the pressure and stress of being with a royal had got all too much for Simon, and he seemed to call their relationship off.

“Love shouldn’t be this hard,” Simon told a devastated Wilhelm.

“Maybe this just won’t work. I can’t do this anymore.”

After three seasons of very high highs and very low lows – including a leaked sex tape and love rivals – fans are desperate to see the young couple get their happy ending.

What time does the Young Royals season three finale arrive on Netflix?

The sixth and final episode of Young Royals season three, which will bring the hit queer teen series to a close, will be available to stream on Netflix from 5pm GMT on 18 March.

For viewers in the US, that’s 1pm EST and 10am PT. 

If you’re not up to date with everything Young Royals, don’t worry: seasons one and two are streaming now in full on Netflix.

Episodes one to five of season three are also available now. Episode six lands on 18 March at 5pm GMT.

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