The Traitors’ Zack is the brother of an LGBTQ+ Big Brother housemate

The Traitors season 2 star Zack Davies

The Traitors star Zack Davies is proving to be one of the most captivating ‘Faithfuls’ on the hit BBC series, but he’s not the only member of his family who has appeared on a reality TV show. 

Following 2022’s lauded debut series, The Traitors returned this month for a second season with Claudia Winkleman again overseeing a series of treacherous events.

With the final episodes set to air this week and tension at an all-time high, the remaining “Faithfuls”, including Zack, have their eyes set on winning the growing prize pot of up to £120,000 ($153,000), while evading the “Traitors” who are trying to secretly execute them and steal the prize fund.

Who is The Traitors‘ Zack Davies?

Parliamentary affairs advisor Zack Davies believes his experience in the House of Commons will help him scrutinise his fellow contestants on The Traitors.

“I ultimately find out what MPs are thinking so I feel I could do it with the average person who hasn’t undergone that scrutiny or the media training,” he told the BBC.

He has revealed that his game plan is to strike up close friendships and be “secretly puppeteering from the background so they do the things I want them to”.

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So far, Zack has managed to remain unharmed on the show. However, with tension rising and only a few more episodes to go, he will have to watch his back.

Zack’s brother Matthew Davies is a former Big Brother housemate

As Zack faces the mounting challenges on The Traitors, he might be able to channel reality show wisdom from his older brother, Matthew, who appeared on series 15 of Big Brother in 2014.

Matthew lasted 30 days in the house before being evicted in week five. 

In the years since he’s largely stayed away from the limelight, but regularly shared pictures of himself and his boyfriend on Instagram.

Following in his brother’s reality TV footsteps, Zack said that if he wins The Traitors, the sensible option would be to use the money as a deposit on a flat.

However, he would love to buy a Mazda MX-5 because he loves cars and racing.

“I have to say the flat, my girlfriend will break up with me if I didn’t,” he joked.

The Traitors continues tonight (24 January) at 9pm on BBC One.