Holly Valance posed with Donald Trump and Nigel Farage and people have a lot of thoughts

Holly Valance poses with Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and Nick Candy

Fans were left sufficiently confused, to say the least, after Neighbours star Holly Valance dined with Donald Trump and Nigel Farage.

On Friday (8 April), the former British politician and one of Brexit’s most aggressive supporters tweeted a photograph of the unlikely group.

“Great dinner at Mar-a-Lago,” the ex-leader of The Brexit Party said.

The seemingly grab bag dinner guests dined alongside Valance’s husband Nick Candy, a Tory donor and billionaire property developer slammed last year for attending a party with then Conservative London mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey.

The 2020 social function was thrown despite such gatherings being illegal at the time amid coronavirus restrictions.

So seeing Valance, an icon of the noughties and “kiss Kiss” hitmaker, posing alongside the former Republican president at his Palm Beach resort left fans with a mix of emotions. Some vowed to never listen to her music again.

“Gay Twitter, I am distraught,” tweeted HIV advocate Tom Hayes. “Holly Valance is a Farage and Trump fan. Going to have to expunge her from my playlists. Heartbroken.”

“We have lost Holly Valance,” said pop music broadcaster Bradley Stern of Legends Only. “Clearly, she’s not in the right ‘State of Mind’. Please respect my privacy at this time.”

“I’m going to use Holly Valance’s 2003 ‘State of Mind’ album to express my thoughts on this photo…” wrote theatre director Peter Holland.

“12. ‘Double Take’. ‘Five. ‘Curious’. Three. ‘Everything I Hate’. Nine. ‘Over ‘n’ Out’.”

“Holly Valance is in this picture,” added television writer Furquan Akhtar, “she’s on the far right.”

And they weren’t alone. Countless confused fans took to Twitter to say they are boycotting Valance’s music after she posed with the two backbitingly anti-LGBT+ politicians

Valance tied the knot with Candy in 2012. The pair used to live in Britain’s most expensive flat – a two-storey Hyde Park penthouse worth £175 million – before moving to a £10 million countryside mansion in the Cotswolds.

Candy gifted his wife a £26 million superyacht for her birthday last year. Now countless Brits choose between heating their homes, paying the bills and feeding their families.

Trump’s administration was one defined by constant attacks against the queer community. Rolling back the rights of trans people and pushing for the courts to legalise the discrimination of LGTB+ Americans.

Farage, one of Trump’s most toadying supporters, has defended Boris Johnson’s “tank-topped bum boys” comments and once made a joke in which he appeared to refer to queer folk as “f**s“.